Giko Basco – Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer Giko Basco

Good day! I am Giko Basco.

I am a graduating electrical engineering student. A different career from my childhood dream of joining the army! I am good at Maths and Science, and have been since I was in Elementary school. I was also an honour student during my grade school days.

I am versatile in every kind of situations and focus on solving problems. Indeed, I have always enjoyed solving puzzles and I was great at building Lego!

I was in my last year of high school and couldn’t decide what I was going to study in college. I guess I had too many options! Business Administration was my third option because I wanted to build a business some day. Second was Architecture because designing is my passion. I love art! But I am not that great at drawing. I used to draw a lot of simple abstracts… they must be passable, at least, because I was picked by my teacher in grade school to participate in an arts contest!

And… my first option was civil engineering. I wanted to construct bridges and buildings. That was aligned with my desire to design and the leaning towards architecture… but…

My family suggested that I take up electrical engineering instead, as my grandfather is a professional Electrical Engineer. I put serious thought into the profession and saw the many possibilities it offered. So I decided to take their advice and studied electrical engineering in college.

Signing on for the course I really had no idea what exactly I would study. I thought perhaps it would feature a variety of maths problems. But I simply did not know – and all I kept thinking was ‘I just want to study engineering’.

Well – good news is: I enjoyed taking electrical subjects and I enjoyed learning many electrical concepts and theories, electrical computations and estimations, and solving intricate problems. I can now fix electrical wiring in our house (my popularity suddenly spiked!). Sometimes I accompanied my friends to assist them with installing electrical wiring and I have learned many more things doing this impromptu kind of tasks.

Now that I understand my chosen field fully, I cannot wait for the many opportunities and experiences that will come. And as a graduating student, I will take these opportunities and experiences as learnings for use in my future jobs and work.

For a copy of Giko’s resume please click here.