Gino Martelli Villanueva Bay – Technical Support Representative

gino-martelli-bay-hikingHi everyone, my name is Gino Martelli Bay. I preferred to be called Gino.

I’m happily married, but no kids yet.

I have been with the BPO industry for almost 9 years now. It isn’t in line with my profession but I do find it enjoyable. Perhaps being able to help someone is a very satisfying feeling for me; be it over the phone, via chat or email. I enjoy looking for a soultion to every client’s need.

My first 3 years of working in the industry wasn’t stable. I needed to figure out which one to choose between two different companies. In the end, I went with the one who offered me a slightly higher salary and a very good place to grow, not only as an employee but as an individual as well. I learned how to be more responsible for every step I take.

Those experiences kept me moving forward until I landed a job as a Technical Advisor for Apple products. I have to say that it gino-martelli-bay-formalwas the best job I ever had. Just knowing that I am working for Apple always gave me chills. It was really good working with them. I stayed for 3 long years. I never wanted to leave but I got injured and needed surgery which prohibited me from going to work.

Now I’m trying my best to study on my own to learn new things. I want to pursue working as a Virtual Assistant. I’ve been taking VA trainings to add and improve the skills that I’ve gained from working as a customer service representative.

I am a quick learner and have the initiative to do things even when I’m not asked to. I always strive to give a very satisfying result to every task I’m assigned to. That’s what I have learned from the BPO industry, finding the perfect solution to every problem. Customers won’t ask for your help if they don’t have a problem, so do your best to solve their problem.

I don’t have any Virtual Assistant experience yet, but you can be assured that I will do whatever it takes to learn and deliver the results. You can also expect me to go “a little more” every time without even asking.

For a copy of Gino’s resume please click here.