Giselle Bacsa – Customer Service Support

giselle-bacsa-profileHi, I am Giselle Bacsa and you can call me Gie. At an early age, God gave me a chance to be a mother of two magnificent beings.

I started my customer service career in the BPO industry and have accumulated 5 years of experience. As the years passed, I became an expert in this industry – it taught me a significant amount of personal and professional experience. I learned to analyse, get along with people and build rapport to establish trust. I was refined to be more confident and believe in the things that I can do. I got skilled to participate and excel in training and in production. I honed my communication skills in writing and speaking, as I managed phone and e-mail channels. I’ve been with three companies all for a customer service positions processing different lines of business and dealing with unique nationalities wherein mostly, English is their native language. I handled an American and Australian telecommunications account and a British bank for small to medium business owners.

Now, after my latest role as a phone banker – in search of a chance to work from home, I became a part-time English tutor. I also became an appointment setter for a medical, auto warranty and debt settlement campaign. Most recently I am managing my own store under a local e-commerce platform that mostly sells pre-loved and brand new clothes and bags. I am working towards its growth, by starting to get 5-star feedback from satisfied customers, overseeing the stores’ chat support and showing giselle-bacsa-kidshow reliable our customer service is, and acquiring followers organically with the use of social media’s charm – mainly through Facebook.

I am a person with a can-do attitude and a goal setter. I ventured into new things by doing research on Google about everything that I don’t know. When I dedicated myself to be a freelancer, I enrolled in an intensive virtual assistant training and finished activities with Google’s help. Though, I am not afraid to ask questions when the need arises.

During my spare time, I make myself productive by watching demonstration videos of tools that are mostly used by freelancers and even sign-up for a free trial to get myself familiarised with its usage and interface. Currently, I have equipped myself with knowledge about helpful tools to work expertly from home and some of these are Zendesk, Zoom, Slack, and G-Suite.

For a copy of Giselle’s resume please click here.