Hanni Aliah Jornalyn Intienza – Office Manager

Hanni Intienza Virtual AssistantHi, I’m Hanni. I was born and raised in the city of San Carlos, Philippines. I’m the eldest among 3 siblings. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Finance Management Accounting. I have been happily married for 2 years and currently live in Malaysia with my Malaysian husband.

I was a self-supporting student during my college years. I worked and studied at the same time for 5 years. I was assigned to assist the accounting office where tasks included stock inventory, cashier work, preparing student examination permits, data entry, preparing purchase orders and other admin tasks. I worked part-time for approximately 5-6 hours a day and spent 3-4 hours in school. It was hard and an exhausting journey but thank God I did it. I am proud of myself because from that time I gained a lot of experiences… experiences that brought me to my first job.

My first full-time job was as a Credit and Collection Officer in a private hospital in my hometown. As a Credit and Collection Officer, I was in charge of the hospital’s accounts receivable. I updated credit accounts of health insurance companies, private companies, rentals, and personal accounts. I was also in charge of promissory notes, assessing collaterals, auctions, preparing collection notices and demand letters, and filing a court case for long overdue accounts.

I decided to leave my first job when my father had a serious illness. Due to my father’s frequent hospitalisation and growing debts, I couldn’t handle to pay it all with my salary. My salary at that time was only around $270 AUD.

My first overseas job was working as an Administrative Assistant of an Engineering Company in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia for 2 years. My work was mainly assisting company directors and administration works. I was also a receptionist and I assisted engineers in preparing work completion reports. After I completed my 2 year contract I went back to the Philippines for a few months of vacation.

Then I moved to Saudi Arabia after I got an offer to work as an Administrator / Receptionist for an International Kindergarten School franchise. I worked in Saudi for 1 year and 6 months. I did not complete the two-year contract because I decided to tie the knot. After our marriage, I had the opportunity to work for 6 months as an Admin Clerk in an Electronics Engineering Company in Perak Malaysia.

I left the company because I wanted to pursue working as a Virtual Assistant. I realise that working as a Virtual Assistant is a smart career move for me because I can manage my own time and work in the comfort of my home. Although I’m a new VA, I believe that my office based experiences would be a great contribution to the client or company. I’m very eager to learn new things too.

To be honest I am an introverted type of person. I am dependable and someone who is a good listener, adviser and decision maker. Most of my friends say that I may talk slow, but I sure do work fast! 🙂 Probably because of my multi-tasking skills. I have the mindset of completing my tasks or job as fast as I can.

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