Hazel F. Montilla-Banda – CSR and Deputy Manager

hazel-montilla-banda-profileHi, my name is Hazel!

I have been in the BPO industry for more than 12 years now. I started working as a Customer Service Representative then transitioned to Technical Support. I was promoted to a Level 2 support, then to a Subject Matter Expert in less than a year. I became a Team Leader after 6 months and was again promoted to a Deputy Manager. With these experiences, I was able to gain a lot of skills.

My expertise are Operations Management, Performance Management, Project management, reports generation and implementation, Risk Management, Business Process Improvement and Microsoft Office.

Apart from these, I have also:

  • hazel-montilla-banda-workacquired kills in development and implementation of quality controls, productivity standards and compliance guidelines
  • spearheaded improvement on team’s performance
  • developed production tracking and quality systems and other operational reports.

Part of the tasks I have completed is to conduct Business Reviews, may that be weekly, monthly or quarterly. I also supported financial analysis in securing and executing external financing for projects.

The skills I have gained from working in the BPO Industry helped me in my journey towards becoming a good Virtual Assistant. I wish to become a great addition to your team.

For a copy of Hazel’s resume please click here.