Hazzel Joy Rafon – CSR, ESL Teacher

hazzel-joy-rafan-profileHello. My name is Hazzel Joy Rafon, but I am called Haze for short. I grew up independently as my parents died when I was just six. Since then, I worked hard to finish my studies with a positive mindset that education is my key to success. I valued education more than anything and I was very competitive as I always wanted to see myself at the top of the class.

I used to be a young entrepreneur. I considered myself as talented when it comes to traditional arts and at the age of seven, I started accepting commissions for big illustrations and paintings in our school. I also sold bracelets to my classmates so I could earn extra money for my school allowance way back then.

I finished Grade School as Salutatorian and was given a scholarship for my High School studies. It was the year 2016 when I entered college. I studied Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English at Trinity University of Asia, an episcopal school located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. I was able to finish my degree while working and studying at the same time. For me, that was the greatest achievement that I may brag about throughout my life.

Same year, 2016, I started working as a Social Media Specialist. My responsibility included social media account management and customer service representation wherein I replied to every Facebook and Twitter post and comments, answering customer’s inquiries or feedback in the page’s inbox, as well as reporting of trends and basic troubleshooting to provide resolution to the customers’ issues.

After a couple of months, I switched to working as a chat and email support representative in an office-based job in Manila. Our account was a food delivery platform where my role focused on customer service. I called customers, drivers and merchants to provide resolution to their concerns while chatting and hazzel-joy-rafan-outdoorssending email to other parties involved. After working in the same role for three years, I was promoted and became part of the Quality Assurance Team. As a QA Analyst, my role was to perform audits, know latest trends and make sure that teammates followed standard process to maintain production calibration. I also provided coaching to assure that whether it is a positive or negative behaviour, it will be acknowledged and/or reinforced. Given that, I became proficient in using Slack, Zendesk, Zoopim, Salesforce and Microsoft Office tools.

Apart from work, painting and singing, I also love traveling and visiting new places, especially those where I may feel the beauty of nature. Someday, I am aiming to visit the exquisite country of Switzerland.

Loved my story? I would love to hear yours too! I couldn’t be more excited to meet and work with you!

For a copy of Hazzel’s resume please click here.