Jacob S. Perez – Programmer

jacob-perez-programmerMy name is Jacob. My parents gave me this name hoping that I will grow to become a friendly and good mannered individual.

I’m a person who believes that behind every name is a special meaning. I was born in a good Christian family and I’m proud of it. Out of my curiosity, I searched for the meaning of my name in the Bible. I learned that “JACOB” means City of ISRAEL. One day I asked my parents why they decided to name me Jacob. My father told me that the name is biblical and that it is simple and easy to remember.

I am very close to my parents and siblings. I always share my concerns with them just like best friends do. Family to me is a safe harbour and a place where I can grow and learn. I grew up as an independent and mature man, and I rarely compromise myself to get what I want.

jacob-perez-casualMy career started right after I finished my degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. But the road to graduation wasn’t easy for me. I faced a lot of challenges in accomplishing all my projects because of the pressures and deadlines. Throughout my college life, I learned that every accomplishment has a purpose. It prepares us for the life after school.

I used to work as a JR Quality Assurance in a call center. At the moment, I am employed in a Government Agency here in Manila, Philippines. I work as an Information Communication Technology Programmer and Tech Support.

If you will hire me as your Virtual Assistant, I can guarantee you that I will give my 100% best. I am familiar with web programming, like Joomla and WordPress. I look forward to having you as my client and friend.

For a copy of Jacob’s resume please click here.