Jake Anthony Dalanon – CSR and Technical Support Officer

Jake Anthony Dalanon Virtual AssistantFirst of all, I would like to greet you a good day! My name is Jake or you can call me Jack or Jaku.

I am a single dad and I’m planning to take on a Virtual Assistant job to provide more financial support for my son (for his schooling and other needs). I also aim to have another field of expertise as the Virtual World has a new set of skills for me to master.

I grew up as the eldest of 3 brothers and lived with my Dad which is the only parent who raised us (my Mum left when I was 10). And my Dad never knew that we, his sons, saw all that he had done for us and the sacrifices he made to provide us with everything we needed. I made a promise to my Dad that I would help my younger siblings in their studies. So I took a scholarship in college (Department of Science and Technology) which helped me financially in school tuition and allowances. With the help of prayers and a lot of hard work, I was able to maintain all the required grades that a scholar must have, and graduated in 2008 with Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and as a Scholar.

After that, I was able to get a job in 2009 and work as a Technical Support Representative for a printing company. I worked in this position for 4 years and a further year as I was promoted to Team Leader.

In 2014, I transferred to a different printing company where I worked as a Billing and Invoicing Analyst with data entry and validation. And after putting my whole heart into my work was promoted to Asset Management where I managed changes in the asset information, ticketing and issue resolution, data entry, escalation and customer invoice generation. All these tasks may seem a lot for a single person to handle, but I discovered it only takes a short while to learn everything and run through the processes smoothly – particularly when your colleagues are good people and always there ready to help.

I may have limited experience as a virtual assistant, but you can be sure I will work hard, as I’m determined to learn all the things necessary for the success of my work. I am very excited about venturing into this kind of role as it will help me to learn and grow.

Don’t stop learning!

Thank you for reading my story. 🙂

For a copy of Jake’s resume please click here.