Jamaica Batan Mancenido – Team Manager

jamaica-mancenido-profileMy name is Jamaica Mancenido, but I go by the name Jam.

I belong to a family of seven and I am the eldest child. Being the eldest child, at a young age, I learned to be responsible and mature. As soon as I graduated from college, I had to work immediately to help my parents support the family financially.

I am the type of person that would prefer to be at home rather than go out. I enjoy watching TV, playing video games and surfing the internet or using social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

I am a born leader with a strong determination to succeed. Having big dreams and goals, I flew to Manila from Iloilo alone, to fulfill those dreams. I got my first job in the BPO industry and through my efforts, in less than six months, I got my first promotion.

I have handled the leading Telecommunications company of the United States which helped me develop my communication skills to effectively assist various foreign customers with differing personalities. I have also embraced the mindset that a business would certainly be successful if the business owners will put the customer’s needs in top priority.

jamaica-mancenido-bondingBeing an agent, I have mastered the use of a knowledge base to search for the answer in relation to any of the customer’s issues. This experience also enhanced my multi-tasking skills. I have also been exposed to tools such as Citrix, Salesforce, and Quickbooks.

When I was promoted as a Supervisor I acquired the expertise to the following tasks and tools:

  • Managing reports
  • Using MS Word, Spreadsheets and PowerPoint
  • Avaya Call Management System
  • Verint
  • E-mail management
  • Calendar management
  • People management

… and much more.

In preparation for my new career path, as a Virtual Assistant, I reviewed my knowledge in Google Applications, MS office, and likes.

I also work as a part-time transcriptionist as a way of learning for me. I am currently taking online training for Click Funnels and I will continue to learn so that I will be able to effectively respond to my client’s demands in the future.

For a copy of Jamaica’s resume please click here.