Jamaica Ramos Cañeda – Programmer

jamaica-ramos-caneda-formalHi, I’m Jamaica! I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in June 2018.

As a fresh graduate I do not have that much work experience that I can share, but I can tell you about my experiences during my internship days…

I interned for three companies, the first one I only worked there for a day. Yes, just a day! I quit because even though I enjoyed the task (I was a Q.A Tester intern) I did not like the environment.

My second internship lasted for a week. Just like with the first one, I did enjoy my tasks (I was a video editor, a transcriptionist, and Front-end WordPress developer), but the place was too far away and the workplace was too stressful. So I decided to look for another one and became an IT intern for a month in a hospital. We were tasked to help in the development of their new website. We did jamaica-ramos-caneda-profilemanual testing, data entry jobs and we assisted and supported the issues of their previous website.

Right after graduation, I tried to apply to different companies but repeatedly failed because I did not have enough skills and experience. I decided to stop applying for a job for about a year. What I did instead was to continue volunteering. I am a Youth Leader in our church. I have been teaching and discipling 7 youth girls in our group for more than 3 years now. I am also a Life Class teacher and a Youth leader in one of our campus ministries.

I know technically speaking I don’t have that much experience, but I want to start my career as a Virtual Assistant. Maybe I don’t have any experience yet in this field, but I am willing to invest my time in learning new skills.

For a copy of Jamaica’s resume please click here.