James Patrick D. Remo – CSR and Administrative Assistant

james-patrick-vaBefore I start, I would like to introduce myself… I’m James from the Philippines.

I don’t want this to be a very formal introduction. I’m not a person who complicates things.

My friends actually call me REMO, my last name, because when I was in High School, our teachers usually called us by our last name. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just their traditions or a way to easily remember us! LOL

I’m a very jolly person – always laughing, smiling, and just enjoying my life to the fullest. My childhood was great. It was simple, yet energetic because I always played with my friends until the evening. Compare that with today… kids stay inside their houses playing online games on their smartphones. So unlike in my childhood days – there was no wifi, no internet, no complicated gadgets, no mobile legends. The only legends I remember were those were the last ones to be found in the Hide and Seek game! Then you were truly a legend!

College Days: One of the highlights of my life!

James Patrick Remo VacationI learned how to stand on my own two feet. I learned to be independent. As an Industrial Psyche grad, I had a lot of socialisation happening during my college days. Students, professors, interns, employees, counselors, old, young, all walks of life… it’s A MUST. So you get know how to adapt and speak and express and compose yourself, especially when talking to a stranger. Aside from that, I also had extracurricular activities like starting up a band with my classmates. ‘Last Song Syndrome’ is the name of our band and our genre is from alternative to punk. We even bought a drum set by asking my fellow classmates to offer any amount in kind, for us to have a class band. And it was (and is) a success! Every time we have a party, our band performs. So it’s very convenient. 🙂

Young Professional: My first job was in the BPO Industry here. Located at Eastwood City Libis, WNS Philippines is the name of the company. Expedia is the account I handled. I helped customers find their hotel and process their payment for a much quicker transaction. I didn’t have any experience in BPO in those days so I had a hard time adjusting, especially my shifting schedules. But experiencing that made me a very confident person. All my shyness evaporated. I can express myself with confidence now. So when I tried to look for another opportunity with another company, I landed on one of the prestigious companies, Accenture Inc. And that company grooms its workers very well. My work ethics improved and how I looked at things was further enhanced.

As for me: Recently, my girlfriend started a new clothing line named “KAYUMANGGI” (In Filipino it means fair complexion which is the true color of us, Filipino). So we started it in October 2018. It’s different from other clothing lines simply because it is hand woven, crochet clothes that she is creating. We barely have any competition in the market so our products are very in-demand. Babies clothes are the items we make. We certainly did not expect that parents would go to such lengths for the sake of their babies. Our prices are the cheapest in the market and we ship our items nationwide. It even reached to Mindanao!

I’m an avid fan of the Sci-Fi Anthology, Twilight Zone which is a series from way back in 1958 created by Rod Serling. This series influences my mind about everything: existence, men, science, mysteries, Gods, racism, working class. Anything under the sun. So I recommend you to watch it. There is a reboot of the same title and directed by the hilarious Jordan Peele who also directed the movies, US and Get Out. Black Mirror from Netflix is also a good series that I can also recommend watching. My book collection is composed of Dystopian Novels like 1984, Lord of the Flies, through to adventure like Moby Dick.

To end my story, I would like to leave you a simple message:

“The Quality of Mercy is not strained, its droppeth as a gentle rain, from heaven upon the place beneath. It blesseth him that gives and him that takes” Excerpt from the Merchant of Venice – Shakespeare.

For a copy of James Patrick’s resume please click here.