James Secretario – Office Clerk and Sales

james-secretario-vaFirst of all, I would like to share my story about me…

At the age of 6, I witnessed how difficult life was for our family. We would only eat once a day, or sometimes we didn’t eat at all unless our relatives came by and gave us food. When I was in Grade School, I helped my family by working in the canteen and selling food on the streets. Since I am the eldest among 4 siblings, I needed to step up so that we could survive.

I had the same situation in High School. I still worked while studying at the same time. I needed to sacrifice in order for us to survive, otherwise, we would all die of hunger. Because of this, I promised myself that I would finish my studies so that I could provide more for my family.

At the age of 16, I started working as a service crew member. When I graduated in college, I worked as a sales promoter and then after, I worked as a ware-houseman/admin. I also worked in Dubai and Saudi Arabie as a driver, admin, cleaner, and car-washer. After that, I went back home to be with my family.

I now have two kids and I am raising them on my own. They are my strength and I will do anything for them. My focus now is to be with my children and watch them grow.

I wanted to try my luck working as a Virtual Assistant. I know I still need more experience and need to explore new skills. I am willing to learn and share my knowledge from my 14 years of work experience.

I am sharing my story in order to inspire people. You only live once so make the most out of everything. Savour every struggle and challenge that comes your way because it will make you stronger.

For a copy of James’s resume please click here.