Jamie Lizares-Santander – Customer Service

jamie-lizares-santander-formalI am Jamie Lizares-Santander and I am your partner and your ideal Virtual Assistant.

I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2007. After successfully passing the Licensure Exam, I entered the BPO Industry. I initially became a Technical Support Representative for Qwest, who works with Broadband connections. After 6 months, I moved to the Quality Improvement Team and became a Quality Assurance Specialist for 3 years. In Quality, I learned so much – from creating reports, administrative tasks, coaching, continuous improvement strategies, and so much more.

After a while, an opportunity came and I moved to another company where I became an Operations Supervisor for the Sears Catalog Account. It was fun and much more challenging having to deal with different types of agents with different personalities, and on top of that — always making sure that we hit our sales target daily.

While I was working in the call center, I decided to take the NCLEX exam because of my “American dream”. I worked the night shift then after work, I would proceed to my review center and attend classes there. Even though I was dead tired all the time, I successfully passed the exam, and also passed the IELTS, too.

After years of working in the BPO industry, I decided to pursue my Nursing career as there was a great opportunity waiting for me abroad. I went back to the hospital and refreshed myself with nursing practices and procedures. It was a period of immense adjustment but because my heart was set on helping and caring for those who are sick, I was very happy to serve and work for our local hospital for three years.

After three years, I moved to Doha, Qatar, where I worked as a Rehabilitation and Geriatric Nurse. I cared for patients with Neurological and post trauma jamie-lizares-santander-vaillnesses. I was also one of the top performing Nurse Educators in our unit and spearheaded the Quality Improvement Team.

After two years, I got married and fell pregnant with twin boys! My husband and I raised them there until they were 19 months old. Then we decided to bring them back to the Philippines as they were diagnosed with ASD. We felt that it would be more beneficial for them to be here as treatment and therapy is more affordable, and we could get the help of our families around us.

As I am now a full-time and hands-on Mum, I worked virtually for a time and it has helped me personally and professionally. My past experiences and skills have helped me obtain these jobs.

I worked remotely as an online Tutor and a Medical Scribe. As a Scribe, I accompanied the Physician remotely as he does his check up with his patients. My role is to keenly listen and document everything that transpired during the interaction using the Electronic Health Record.

You can ask anybody what is it like to be a Stay at Home Mum and it is not easy. Having a job aside from looking after the kids creates a balance within me, and it gives me another sense of purpose to go on every day, and it encourages me to never stop learning.

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