Jane Jones – Virtual Assistant

jane-jones-vaVA, admin guru, events, blogging and everything in between!

I have over 25 years’ experience both in government and private sectors in administration, project support, tender and bid coordination, events, travel planning, social media scheduling, research, marketing support and a myriad of other tasks over the years.

As your VA I will work hard to support what you’re working towards and make sure that all the things ‘at the back end’ that need to get done – are done – efficiently, and with as little stress as possible. I still have working relationships with people I met in 1995 so I think that says a lot about the kind of person I am – diligent, trustworthy, reliable and likeable. I enjoy meeting people and find that I form relationships easily and work hard to maintain those relationships.

Hailing from Ireland originally, I am from a hard working family with 4 children – me being the oldest and thus the most responsible… (truth I promise!). I am based on the lovely Sunshine Coast these days but spent most of my life in Sydney attending primary school in Randwick, high school in Penrith, and then moving back to the East to settle in Coogee for a long time.

I’ve been a VA for the last 5 years – and I love the flexibility it affords me. I love working with a diverse group of clients. I love working on different projects and I am always super chuffed when something we’re working on comes off perfectly. Using task management tools like ASANA and PODIO helps me keep on top of things and makes sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Prior to being a VA I worked in Sydney in different positions in different companies, but one of the highlights I’d have to say was being a part of the team that delivered the 2000 Sydney Olympics. I worked in the Minister for the Olympics office from 1995 – 2000 and then in the Media Village during the Games. It was a buzz. And I love the construction industry – there’s something about seeing something beautiful and functional spring up in what was once a vacant lot.

I love to travel and have visited many places around the UK and Europe including going ‘back home’ to Ireland a few times – where I’ve still got loads of family. We ran a few pubs in London during our time there – anyone who’s visited Covent Garden would know the Nags Head – we managed that for a year… great fun that was. I would love to do a lot more travelling when time allows us but for now, we are settled and happy where we are. I also love to entertain and nothing makes me happier than a house full of people, music, wine and children running around playing.

Nowadays I’m always upskilling with courses and have a keen interest in learning new things and keeping my skills up to date. I love being a VA. I love helping clients get things done whether it’s an event, or coordinating a newsletter, I’m always happy to jump in and get the job done. My aim always is to develop a collaborative working relationship which hopefully will turn into something long term and enjoyable for all involved.

For a copy of Jane’s resume please click here.