Janinah Jimmin Molina – Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant Janinah MolinaHi. My name is Janinah Jimmin Magallones Molina. My Mum told me that ‘Janinah’ was taken from the Kuran and that it means ‘paradise’. On the other hand, ‘Jimmin’ is a combination of my Mum’s and Dad’s names. However, I prefer to be called Jammy. Or, you can simply call me Jam.

I was born in the little town of Malaybalay in the province of Bukidnon, which is part of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is where I spent my childhood years during grade school up to high school. I am the eldest of four siblings — all girls, by the way.

I graduated from college at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Communication, Major in Development Journalism. One of my favorite subjects back in college was photography. I have learned so much and my photography teacher was definitely the best!

I am an introvert but I always get mistaken as an extrovert. I am not sure if you know about the MBTI but I am absolutely an MBTI junkie. MBTI stands for Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. I took the test and discovered that I am an INFJ. INFJ is just one of the sixteen personality types under the MBTI. If you want to know more about it, you can go to 16personalities.com and you may also take the test and find out your personality type. It doesn’t only help you know yourself better but it also makes you understand people more.

Growing up an introvert, I can count who my friends are on one hand. The rest? I consider them acquaintances. I value relationships with people and always seek a deeper connection with every person I meet. I constantly crave intellectual conversations because it makes me learn so much more about life and everything else.

I love music so much that I am a self-confessed music snob. It may sound funny, but I hate mainstream music. Because of this, I often get called a ‘hipster’. But I guess I don’t really mind. I play a little bit of guitar, ukulele and drums but I wouldn’t call myself a pro. I just know the basics and I find it enjoyable especially when I have free time to do so. I also write songs and poetry but I am just an amateur when it comes to these things… but I consider them my happy pills!

I am currently in law school and this might seem a little crazy, but I went to law school so someday I can go to music school. It has always been a dream of mine. Music schools are expensive and I always dreamed of going abroad to study music but as of the moment, I will pursue becoming a lawyer so I can finance myself one day when I finally enter music school. Here in the Philippines, becoming a lawyer may not be the highest paying job but it does pay above the average wage. I know I said I wanted to go to music school, but this doesn’t mean I went to law school just for the heck of it or I am wasting my time on it. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger but I have also discovered over time and as I get older that music will always be my first love. I have learned to appreciate law school and how it works but I also believe to never ever give up on the things you love. The things that we love, may seem meaningless to some, but these things keep us sane. They give us a reason to stay, a reason to live, and a reason to keep going.

I’ve had a lot of struggles as a young adult and life wasn’t always easy. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I still continue to fight it. I try as much as I can but I have also learned to choose my battles in life. My anxiety and depression have taught me to be more understanding and more compassionate towards people. Sadly though, because of the stigma surrounding mental health, sometimes, I am discriminated against. I have accepted this and have become a mental illness advocate myself because I wanted my voice to be heard on behalf of those who are struggling like me. To be honest, my mental health is the very reason why I continue to do the things I love. The things I love give me a reason to live. I am also grateful for the support I get from my doctor, my friends and family. Most of all, I believe in God and the grace He has given me has carried me from glory to glory.

I hope this piece of writing has given you enough information about me, and that despite my imperfections and all, hopefully, I can be a part of your team.

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