Janine Beatriz Sy Briosos – Customer Service and Technical Support

janine-beatriz-briosos-officeMy name is Janine Beatriz Sy Briosos, 27 years old. I’m proud of my age even though everyone sees me as having a baby face. I wanted to be called ‘Shobe’. My mum Is half Chinese, making me and my sister ¼ Chinese. We’re not in any way related to Mr. Henry Sy; one of the richest businessmen here in the Philippines!

I was born in Makati, Philippines. I’m the second child in the family. I was raised by my Aunt whom I call Nanay Edna. I grew up in a middle class family. We had our own house, and my sister and I studied in a Chinese school.

We used to live comfortably, but things changed in 2005 when my parents both resigned from their jobs. Our house was put up for sale and we transferred to our Grandparent’s house. My parents then decided to start up a business. The first 5 months was good, but because we had a lot of competitors, we had to close the business down and filed for bankruptcy.

We transferred from one school to another. At first I felt ashamed that I was no longer studying at a Chinese School, but in the end, I used it as my motivation to study harder so that I could help my parents in future.

Fast forward to 2011, I took up a course in Associate in Customer Service Communication. This taught me how to boost my confidence in speaking with different types of people using the English language.

janice-beatriz-briosos-familyRight after college graduation, I started applying to different companies. I had my fair share of rejection, but I did not give up. I tried and tried, until finally, I was hired at Globe Telecom. I worked as a credit and collection specialist. I handled customer postpaid and broadband services, made inbound and outbound calls, barring and termination of account and email management. After 2 years and 3 months, I had to resign due to my delicate pregnancy.

In 2016, I started looking for a job again. I was hired at a BPO company as a Technical Support Representative under the Telstra account. I did basic troubleshooting, took inbound calls, took care of escalations and billing concerns, and sent our technicians to customers. A year later, I decided to leave the company to focus on my child.

In my 4 years of working in the BPO industry, I learned to adapt to different cultures. I was able to improve my knowledge in Data Entry, Email Management, Admin Task (Spread Sheet, MS Office). I also learned how to work with different types of tools and software.

I’m a Team Player, motivated, dedicated, passionate and professional when it comes to work. I always work with integrity because if you have integrity you’ll be successful. I’m able to meet targets and qualified metrics. Finally, I can say that I am a reliable person.

During my free time, I like making videos on TikTok, taking pictures using Snapchat, doing makeup tutorials, playing with my daughter and watching movies (Horror!) and series on Netflix.

For a copy of Janine’s resume please click here.