Janine Joy Limosnero – Customer Service

janine-limosnero-casualHi, I’m Janine Joy Limosnero. Most of my friends call me Jan or Nin, and my family calls me Kabs (short for Kabayo, a Filipino term of horse). That started when I joined the Athletics team way back in high school. At first, I wasn’t comfortable hearing that, but as time went by, I became used to it and take it as a compliment instead, considering the strength of the horse!

I worked in the BPO industry for four years as a Customer Representative. I used to deal with American customers. I handled the financial and telecommunications account. I took inbound calls and was able to work with the Back Office team for two months.

I am a teacher by profession, but after my teaching experience for one school year, I decided to change my career path, which was the start of my BPO journey.

To be honest, I had a fear of speaking English before, and I considered it as one of my challenges when I was still teaching. That is also one of the main reasons why I chose to enter the BPO industry because I know talking to English native speakers would help improve my communication skills. I am the type of person that is so eager to learn and upskill for my self-improvement. I believe that going out of our comfort zone, we find growth. Gaining confidence in speaking in English is worth the risk. Right janine-limosnero-outdoorsnow, I’m still working on progressing and will not stop learning.

Off the work subject, I like going outdoors like hiking. I am also a member of a socio-civic club and have been since college. We do community service, literacy programs, join environmental activities and we organise an annual outreach program where we go to the mountains to extend help for the less fortunate, and at the same time, we adopted some upland children to be our scholars to support their education. Through that experience, I learned to appreciate the little things in life. It also honed my social skills that contributed to my career, as it made it easier for me to connect with others, be more compassionate, and be motivated with working.

I am still working on my career growth. I’ve encountered lots of failures, but I didn’t see them as a loss, instead, I accepted it all as a challenge to be the best, and it will not stop me from achieving my dreams.

I am happy to share my skills and I am open to learning new things in my home-based job journey.

For a copy of Janine’s resume please click here.