Jashmi Doshi – Bookkeeper

Hi, I’m Jashmi Doshi and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself:


Virtual Assistant Jashmi DoshiI am like any ordinary person experiencing life’s ups and downs, and handling those challenges that life sometimes throws at us.

And despite those challenges I have to say, I have never been one to feel sorry for myself or focus on the negative. I have worked to make myself strong and tough out things which others may find overwhelming. I consider such situations as Karma which allows God to check up on me to see how I cope and grow from it, and how much I am willing to fight and keep going to accomplish my dreams.

I believe this fighting spirit stemmed from my upbringing where I was taught to be positive and maintain the attitude that whatever happens, happens for good.

I am enthusiastic about learning and extending my knowledge. I enjoy helping others and place high value in acts of kindness – as well as embracing being an ordinary member of the human race. Hence, I would like to share some personal stories in my life – including the good and not so good to demonstrate how this ‘common human being’ has gone through life, stayed motivated and not fallen victim to negative thoughts.

I remember an incident… well, really it was an accident which occurred on the 4th Feb 2011 – just a day before my birthday. And my story is not for the faint-hearted…

I was driving a 2 wheeler at the speed of 20km/hr when my bike skidded out from under me. The accident was severe. My jaw was completely dislocated and there was blood flowing from my mouth, nose and ears. While it was a traumatic event, I still stood up by myself, and called home to inform my parents that I had been in an accident.

I ended up with an extensive line of stitches just below my chin, and underwent maxillofacial surgery. The surgery was a success and today no one would guess that I had experienced such a severe injury or the necessary surgical work. The treatment was tough, as my jaw was stitched and sealed shut with swelling and bruises. I survived on liquids, sucking them through a straw for 2 and a half months, after which time my upper jaw was released and then thankfully my lower jaw was freed.

This incident, while negatively impacting me at the time actually made me more positive, strong and independent. I also had an insight into who my real friends were and how much my family means to me. I now fully appreciate the value of family, whereas in the past I sometimes put friends and other life pursuits first. Now my priority is my family… and then everything else in life follows.

The other great thing was I felt God was with me when I met with the accident that day. I believe his presence enabled me to call my parents and remain conscious. The doctor who was the first to treat me said that if I had fallen unconscious then I would have most likely gone into a coma. My faith in God increased a lot from that day.

Today I smile, remembering the incident – particularly the way I got up, covered in blood, and called my parents to inform them about the accident. I also remember I was laughing instead of crying or screaming. Today I still drive a two wheeler and have gained even more confidence. The incident didn’t make me a fearful person who is hesitant to drive. To be honest, my passion and determination to drive myself has increased ten-fold.

I have also experienced many marvelous times in my life. In particular, having the opportunity to work on foreign soil, which was one of my dreams. At the time the opportunity arose I didn’t have a passport and only had a week to get one and organise a Visa. The positivity of one of my older brothers of getting my passport organised within that limited time-frame was a blessing. You see, I had just about lost hope of going overseas, and I’ll admit I cried at the time. Then I remembered that all through my childhood before any good came to me I had gone through tough times. And just as my brother said, everything worked out perfectly – passport and Visa in hand I traveled to the UK.

I am motivated to make the most of my life, and whatever challenges present themselves I face and overcome by working on the solution with fearless focus. I still work hard at my dreams and aim to accomplish them. My dreams are very high, and include running a training institute for people for a variety of jobs and careers, fly to dream destinations with my husband and spend my 2nd honeymoon there, live in my dream house, and give air flight experience to both sets of parents – maternal and in-laws. I am lucky and delighted to say that I have wonderful maternal and in-law parents. They are supportive, broad minded and always stand beside me to help whenever I experience those little ‘sticking points’ in life. This I believe is also Karma because of hardships in the past, today I have such beautiful parents in my life.

There is much more I’d like to share with you – indeed, my biography could easily fill a book! But as I’m not an author or professional writer who can fill pages, I’ll leave it at this. I am a commerce graduate with a total of 7 years of work experience in three different reputed organisations. I have completed 5 years of classical music studies specialising in the Harmonium. I have also studied basic foreign languages, and my hobby is to create portraits using charcoal.

I want to keep learning right up to the end of my life. I like all sports. This sporting energy and continuous learning attitude keep me excited to fulfill my dreams… and I am hoping this biography may be the way to fulfilling those dreams. I truly hope this biography which I have entitled ‘I’ motivates you in turn and helps you to keep hope even when times are tough. Keep faith in your God or spiritual guide, and try to resolve challenging situations. Always remember there are no such things as problems, only opportunities in disguise. And by staying positive and willing to accept help from those who care, you’ll be able to see and take advantage of those opportunities.

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