Jaymielee Grace Salim – RN and Office Administrator

jaymielee-grace-salim-vacationHi, my name is Jaymielee Grace Salim. My friends call me Jaymie or Grace.

I’m 31 years old and I live in the Philippines. I am the only daughter of my parents. My father went to the USA when I was a kid and had another family while he was there. He eventually stopped supporting us and the burden of raising me was put on my mum’s shoulders. My mum really worked hard in order for me to finish my studies. She taught me how to be strong and not to give up on my dreams and ambitions in life. She taught me how to be independent, responsible and diligent. She inculcated in me the importance of education and that’s why I worked really hard to earn my bachelor’s degree.

I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I’m a Registered Nurse by profession and currently have 3 years of working clinical experience. I love giving service to others. I am a dedicated, patient-focused nurse with expertise in inpatient recovery and occupational care. I exemplify accuracy in patient history and medical documentation.

I used to work as a Home Health Quality Assurance Nurse Specialist in a BPO company in Makati City for 2 years. It was more of a back-office job and administrative work such as reviewing electronic medical records. I was responsible for updating the medication list, provider’s list and other pertinent data in the patient’s electronic chart.

I had to stop working because I gave birth and being a single mum with 2 kids, I found it difficult for me to work in an office-based environment. I wanted to focus more on taking care of my baby. I made a decision to stay at home and be with my kids 24/7. As a single income home and a responsible mother, I am willing to work anytime – day or night.

I have experience working as a Virtual Assistant. Some of my tasks included eCommerce, data entry, basic data annotation, lead generation, appointment setting, and cold calling. It was a great experience because I gained a lot of skills that I can definitely utilise to advance my career.

During my free time, I love going through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumbler, Tiktok, and Twitter. I also enjoy creating basic graphic design.

I assure you that I can work under pressure and can multi-task. My determination, eagerness and the experiences I’ve gained from my previous jobs will help me be a valuable asset to your company.

For a copy of Jaymielee’s resume please click here.