Jenalyn G. Manalang – Online ESL Teacher

jenalyn-manalang-portraitHonestly, I don’t know how to start my story. I’m not a good writer. Even when I was a student, I wasn’t fond of writing essays!

Let me start by stating what degree I finished. I’m a graduate of Business Management, major in Marketing, at a prestigious school in Angeles City. It took me 6 years to finish because I was a working student then.

After graduating high school, it took me one year before enrolling in college. I had to save money for the entrance fee and other school expenses. For a year, I worked as a promo merchandiser, handling six supermarkets. I was assigned to do inventories, check the stock for any near expiry, replenish the shelves in the supermarkets and promote the products to consumers. I should mention the company manufactures snacks, pasta noodles, and coffee.

As a working student, it was challenging and exhausting but with perseverance and hard work, I graduated in 2012. It was challenging because I was an irregular student (I had different classmates in each subject). I couldn’t even remember all the names of my classmates as they were too many!

jenalyn-manlang-vacation‘Exhausting’ was due to hectic schedules, balancing my time at work and schedule in school. But definitely, with the right time management skills, nothing is impossible. However, due to exhaustion and being overworked perhaps, I missed my evening class one day. My shift at work then started at 5am and ended at 2pm, I went home to take a nap before going to school for my evening class… and ended waking up the next day (LOL). I was surprised when I got up because it was already morning. Of course, I had missed my classes. Luckily, there weren’t any short quizzes or exams given by Professors.

Honestly, having my bachelor’s degree is what I considered as my greatest achievement. Actually now when I think about, it is hard to imagine too how I finished my high school. I was able to attend high school because I was granted a scholarship. I was a scholar maintaining required grades so I could have a free tuition fee. However, in my junior year in high school, I didn’t meet the requirements in 1 subject so my scholarship was removed. I didn’t lose hope so I decided to join the screening for varsity players. I participated in swimming and luckily was accepted to be part of the team. Don’t expect me to swim like a fish. Honestly, before joining, I couldn’t swim! I just learned it (I know you’re wondering how I did it LOL). I’d like to add also that I got 3 recognition certificates with honours in high school. I believe hard work and having a can-do attitude are great factors in achieving my education.

I was born and raised in Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines. Cooking is my passion but don’t expect me to be a master chef.

In my free time, I love watching videos of Korean recipes on YouTube as this is one of my favorite international cuisines. Perhaps, my part-time job as an online ESL Teacher to Koreans has influenced me. I landed this job in 2008 while I was a working student in college.

In 2012, after graduating from college, I worked in various industries. In Manila, I worked as a Sales Executive for a supplier of bathroom amenities. I was one of the six pioneers in the company. For some reason (I prefer not to disclose the reason, it has nothing to do with the salary but internal factors and mindset of the CEO), 5 of us resigned including the General Manager, Assistant Manager, Marketing Officer, and 1 more Sales Executive. After a year the company closed because it didn’t survive. Later on, I decided to return to teaching, home-based. I also went abroad to try my luck but ended up returning to the Philippines, my home country. I currently work now as a part-time ESL Teacher, freelance/ home-based.

I’m a person who values integrity. I believe having this trait leads you to success. At work, I always have the initiative and dedication. I like to work independently but of course, I’m a great team player too. I always seek growth and new learnings. When I have deadlines at work, I feel anxious if I don’t see any developments so what I do is work on it extensively. I want things organised and submitted on time. I consider it as my weakness.

One of my strengths is my creativity. I’m not referring to painting or any artistic masterpiece. I like to observe things that the company lacks. Ideas which later on become outputs in order to effectively execute them in the company for the welfare of the company. In order to do so, I like to brainstorm them with the team, supervisor or the company itself. By sharing my thoughts, this could possibly bring huge success to the company. Aside from the things mentioned, I’m a fast learner and a productive employee.

Let me share with you my own saying:
“Have a goal in life and each day work hard for it!”.

I’d like to share my expertise and awesome traits in your company. Invest in me. I’d be a great asset to your company.

For a copy of Jenalyn’s resume please click here.