Jennifer Llido-Moh – Account Executive

jennifer-llido-moh-vaHi, I am Jennifer. You may call me Jen or Jennifer – whichever you prefer.

I graduated at the University of Caloocan City with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. I originally wanted to study Accountancy, unfortunately, I could not maintain the high grades needed for me to attend the program. At that time, my uncle was the only person who supported and financed my studies. I was scared of failure. I didn’t want to disappoint him so I transferred to another course so that I could graduate as soon as possible and be able to help my family financially.

My career started in Manila, Philippines in 2008. I worked as an Inventory Control Clerk. Later on, I became Senior Inventory Control Staff and after a while, was promoted to an Inventory Control Analyst. Being in Inventory Control is not an easy job. One must possess strong analytical skills in solving variance discrepancy, strong leadership, efficiency and effectiveness to the report and concern to the company’s losses. Working for five years with this company really molded my ability to think and find ways to solve problems no matter how complex the situation is. It also improved my communication skills, especially when interacting with executives.

jennifer-llido-moh-vacationI am currently working as an Account Executive in a Wellness Company for more than two years now. I work five days a week at home and visit the office once a week. My job involves reconciling of the accounts such as bank transactions, account receivables, account payables and preparing Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. I conduct reports every 2nd week of the month to the Management including the Financial Statement from the Companies in Papua New Guinea.

Prior to that, I worked as a Corporate Service Manager particularly in Accounts and Admin in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. I also worked in a Shipping Lines Company for more than three years. My boss owns several subsidiary companies managing Trading Company, Finance Company and Construction Company.

Being a Corporate Service Manager is very challenging as you need to be reliable, consistent in decision making, flexible and can do multitasking. I’ve learned a lot and gained experience in handling accounts, enhanced my knowledge and broadened my customer servicing skills. Aside from that, I have earned self-assured skills in dealing with Telegraphic Transfer to overseas and to the Independent Audit firm for the Annual lodgment of the financial statement. Working overseas was a big help in boosting my interpersonal skills.

Right now, I am based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and well-prepared to assist you with your Accounts or Administrative tasks.

If you are looking for someone who is well-experienced, hardworking and gives her 100% into any job, then count me as your VA.

I am looking forward to hear from you after reading my story.

For a copy of Jennifer’s resume please click here.