Jennifer S. Amoroso – Office Administration

jennifer-amoroso-familyHi I’m Jennifer Amoroso. I’m a single mother to 3 adorable children.

I worked with a manufacturing company here in the Philippines for almost 8 years. I worked there as Production Planning Control Staff member and my job included preparation of Job Orders, Material Planning and Production Planning.

After 2 years of working as part of the PPC Staff I was promoted to a supervisory level and worked as Marketing Service Officer (MSO) where I developed my skills in Customer Service, managing Customers Orders and Deliveries.

In 2014 I was transfered to the Accounting Department due to lack of manpower. I had a full workload with accounting tasks, material costing, payroll, employees benefits, payment of tax, bank transactions and bookkeeping. After a year I also handled Issuance of Delivery Receipts and Sales Invoices, as well as Accouts Receivable and some Accounts Payable.

For almost a 5 years of accounting work I became very passionate about my work. I wanted to finish the tasks given to me and be time effecient. I spent so many hours working, before I realised that I also need to spend more time with my kids.

I really love my job there but after giving birth to my 3rd child I decided to leave my position and work from home.

My children are my motivation for working hard. I know if I did a great job working for my past employer I can do it too when working at home beacuse I am with my inspiration (my children).

Hope my story inspires you and others who will read it.

God Bless!

Jenny Amoroso 🙂

For a copy of Jennifer’s resume please click here.