Jeric Mark Lilio – General VA and Graphic Design

Portrait of Jeric Mark LilioHi I’m Jeric Mark Lilio. You can call me by my first name, but my family and my close friends usually call me “Ayek”.

I came from a broken family. When I was in my 4th year of high school, my siblings and I, along with my mother decided to move from Manila to Davao City for good.

My real journey began when we arrived in Davao.

I have tried a lot of different jobs, either full time or part time just to sustain my education in the hopes of obtaining a college degree.

At the age of 15, I started to work as a construction worker/helper, water delivery boy and car wash boy. Unfortunately, I was still not able to graduate because my earnings weren’t enough.

In 2012, during the most difficult time of my life, my siblings and I used to join Battle of the Bands to win some money. That’s how I found this lovely and beautiful woman (now my wife). She was our lead singer and I was the guitarist. Then suddenly we fell in love with each other.

Life was hard so I decided to get a full time job at Zummit Food Corp. as a Warehouse Custodian. I was the one who handled all the products coming in and out of the warehouse. It was fun. I gained a lot of friends, but the work took a toll on my body since it required physical strength.

Jeric Mark Lilio with GuitarAfter a year, I resigned as a warehouse custodian and took some trainings to upgrade my skills.

Then I was hired as a Virtual Professional in Focusinc Group Corp. I’ve learned to handle and organise email, perform data entry and provide costumer service. I was also able to use my knowledge with MS Office and Adobe tools as well.

Now I am happily married to my wife and have a cute little baby boy. I had to resign from my job to have more time with my family and to work at home.

I am excited for all the adventures to come and definitely excited and hopeful to be a part of this team.

For a copy of Jeric’s resume please click here.