Jerome A. Nunieza – Sales Representative and Team Leader

jerome-tobias-vaMy journey as a call center agent was really tough but exciting. I have met different kinds of personalities and professionals that helped and mentored me to be successful in my own field.

I started working when I was 20 years old at Teletransform. I was a sales representative for a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) campaign for Diabetic supplies and as a consistent top seller. I worked my way up and was appointed to be a Team Leader (Supervisor) for a few months. The owner of the company was very happy with my performance and that’s why he asked me to become a Trainer so that I would take care of our new hires’ product knowledge foundation. I had been a Trainer for a year and after that, I was promoted to a higher position as an Operations Manager. I had been a manager for 1 year and I was the one talking to our clients regarding the accounts that we were handling. I handled Health insurance, Dental insurance, Medical alert system, etc… With my loyalty, I worked there for 3 years and that company was my stepping platform to start my call center journey.

My call center life did not end there because learning new things is the most important aspect for you to grow as a person.

jerome-tobias-adventureWhen I was exploring the call center world, I tried to work in an Australian based company so I could come to know and learn their culture as well. I got a job from Acquire Asia Pacific for a pioneering account. I handled warranties made easy for roadside assistance in AU. I was happy because out of 600 who applied for that position, I was part of the 14 agents that were hired. I started strong as a consistent top seller and was a candidate for a Team Leader position. I worked there for about a year.

After working in an Australian based company, I applied at Chronos Strategies and worked there for almost 4 years as a Team leader. I handled DME (Durable Medical Equipment) for pain-relieving braces. My team was always on the top of their game with my supervision. That’s why we were getting a lot of spiffs, commissions, and bonuses.

After walking my path with the office-based world, I tried to work from home. My friends told me that working from home will give you many advantages like save a lot, spending time with your family and avoiding the hassle of traveling. I worked as an appointment setter for business insurance and I enjoyed it because I got to feel the home-based job vibe and it gave me convenience.

Now I am not closing doors for future work opportunities. I am always excited to learn new things and share my knowledge and skills with other people. My talent, experiences, good attitude and reliability will be my greatest weapon to be on top of my game in this kind of field.

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