Jesamy Ilagan – Customer Service Executive

jesamy-ilagan-virtual-assistantMy name is Jes, a young Mum to one beautiful daughter. I am a college undergraduate but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing a career where I can see my growth as an individual and as a professional. I’ve worked in call centre companies here in my country for almost 3 years and am now shifting careers to a General Virtual Assistant working from home.

At one time I could never see myself working in the Call Center Industry, as a lot of people say negative things about people in that industry. Prior to the call centre I had tried my hand at different things – an E-commerce seller on various sites, Events Organizer, reselling stuff, making dishes of my own ideas to sell – name it! I tried it! My goal was to help my husband provide for our daily needs. I earned a few bucks from those part time jobs, but the remuneration wasn’t worth the effort I put in. Then I ‘lowered myself’… I went into a Testing Centre to try out for the Call Centre industry. And I was hired by one of the well-known Call Centre companies here in my the Philippines.

The moment that I entered the industry, I realised, “Hey you’re in!”. I adapted well to the environment, working schedule, different shifts, lots of different people and personalities, and the work itself. I’ve been involved with three different companies all in the area of Customer Service. I’ve been a Process Associate working on collections and up-selling, Senior Customer Service Executive working on multiple live chats handling complaints, and lastly Loan Originator calling leads to process loan applications over the phone. All of these were international accounts. Some people say that our job is easy – but that is not the case. Learning on the job, adapting to the environment, dealing with different people and personalities, and the stress at work… That is never easy. You really need to learn the process and grow in it.

Now that I am working home based as a Remote Experienced Customer Service Executive, the same skills that I learned from being a call center agent are being applied. The schedules are similar, although there are less people to deal with, and the stress is gone! I really enjoy working from home and I hope to be given an opportunity to work with your company. Thank God for all the enlightenment he gave me and making me realise the career path that I’ll be enjoying… and I’m looking forward to my future filled with great opportunities.

For a copy of Jesamy’s resume please click here.