Jillian Harris – Graphic Designer

Jillian Harris Graphic Designer My name is Jillian and I am a graphic designer, mother, wife, lover of nature and I love living an active lifestyle.

I provide graphic design services including logo design, infographics, web banners, business cards, menus, brochures, workbooks, ebooks, social media graphics and more!

I have over 15 years of design experience, with 4 of those years as a design instructor. I am passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge.

I love nature, getting outdoors and traveling. I believe exploration is a critical part of learning.

I love connecting with people who love and appreciate design, love the outdoors and have a bit of wanderlust like myself!

I took every art, photography and computer art class offered in high school. I knew I wanted to do something artistic or creative although it took a few years past graduation to figure out my career path! I explored becoming an artist, an art teacher, and even an art therapist. Eventually I discovered a local technical college with a graphic design program. I enjoyed learning colour theory, typography and design principles. I loved choosing fonts, colour pallets and meshing those artistic elements with marketing messages.

Jillian Harris HobbiesUpon graduation, my career began in a print shop. While I am forever grateful for the experience as those 5 years helped to lay the foundation of design principles, I eventually returned to school as a non-traditional student to learn and grow with the changing technologies (web design and photography). I enjoyed the university program so much that I continued onto graduate school with the goal to teach within the program of my undergraduate studies.

Following, I taught 9 different Visual Communication Courses at Bowling Green State University: Fundamentals of Imaging Technology, Commercial Photography, Print Media, and more.

If you are looking for excellent quality Graphic Design that will benefit your company, whether it be digital or offline – please consider me for your remote Graphic Arts Team Member.

For a copy of Jillian’s resume please click here.