Jimmar Vega, RN – Nurse, Quality Assurance and Compliance Supervisor

jimmar-vega-formalJimmar is a registered nurse with an extraordinary perseverance and dedication to his work both as a nurse and a healthcare virtual assistant.

He is also a loving single father of 2 daughters. He loves to play guitar, going to church, mountain climbing, swimming and biking. He also loves to learn new and challenging things.

Jimmar honed his nursing skills as a staff nurse in one of the busiest tertiary government hospital in Iligan City, the Gregorio Lluch Memorial Hospital. Assigned in the different challenging areas in the hospital like the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and OR/PACU (Operating Room/Post Anesthesia Unit), he was able to effectively carry out the nursing skills and processes that he possesses from his college internship until as a registered nurse.

In the year that followed, Jimmar decided to work home based and was hired as a virtual quality assurance and compliance supervisor by Camelot Care LLC, a healthcare company based in Houston, Texas. For 10 months he assisted and trained in real time the care managers by offering assistance through phone calls and emails. He was also ken in doing administrative tasks.

After tackling and handling the challenges that Jimmar encountered in his supervisory position and having the right experience as a general virtual assistant, he decided not to renew his contract with Camelot care LLC because he wanted to try to apply for a new job that has to do with his profession as a nurse.

With his abilities in research, Jimmar looked for a vacant job that he can apply for with various online job platforms. It was not easy applying for a job online because of many factors and one of that is the danger of a fake company or client that will use your personal information, especially if you will send them your resume. Several days after passing resumes onto a platform, potential client form Texas, USA, replied to Jimmar’s message saying he read the resume and wanted an interview. Sure enough Jimmar was interviewed by the clinic manager which happens to be the husband of the Internist doctor. After the interview Jimmar was given a test to take just to see if he is really who he said he was.

jimmar-vega-outdoorJimmar took the test and the client was impressed. He was interviewed by an Internist for just a short time and she decided right away that Jimmar will start training the next day. The training was a little challenging but Jimmar was able to perform well. Jimmar was accepted and worked for them for only 1 month because of technical issues. But luckily, again after 3 weeks of applying for another job, Jimmar again was hired by Total Men’s care and is currently working for them as a medical scribe and other administrative tasks.

Jimmar is a hard working individual and believes that every opportunity is a blessing. He is still looking for a part time job because of the extra time that he has.

Jimmar, with his experience, gained a lot of knowledge and skill which helped boost his confidence, making him able to effectively carry out the tasks that are given to him. He can help manage workflows thereby easing the burden of congested documentation work.

For a copy of Jimmar’s resume please click here.