Jinky Magdolot – Office Admin, Sales and Marketing

jinky-magdolot-formalHi, I’m Jinky!

I am born and raised in Dapitan City, Philippines – a sleepy town located in the southern part of the country. I grew up living in the province with a “carenderia” or a food house as our family’s main source of income and my mother as the all-around in charge. But even with the small business, my family still couldn’t afford to send me and my older sister to college.

I was fortunate enough to be able to finish a Bachelor’s degree through an academic full scholarship granted to me by the local Cooperative Bank, with 500 pesos as my monthly allowance. Unfortunately, my grandfather had decided to sell his house which was the location of our “carenderia” and we were forced to go out on our own and be responsible and self-sufficient at a very young age.

2009 was the year when I moved to Taiwan to be an assistant technician to a semi-conductor company that tests IC’s. I lived there for 6 years. I was able to learn basic Mandarin, as most of my co-workers are locals and I needed to learn the language to be able to communicate with them at work and to the locals as well outside of work. I became the translator for my colleagues who were new and to some who weren’t able to learn the language. My time in Taiwan was very fulfilling. It opened my eyes to a wider world, a wider understanding of people and our different cultures. It gave me the opportunity to experience and be able to explore their country and culture.

Living and working in a foreign environment has its pros and cons. But I focused on the brighter side rather than the dark side of being away from my comfort zone. I was able to live outside the box, be more responsible, work-oriented and be more reliable at work since our only guide to our everyday task was coded instructions, from there we would have to be in charge of the machine, the product, and the output.

2016, I ended my contract in Taiwan. Finally, I was home with my family and able to enjoy being with them.

jinky-magdolot-vacationIn 2017, my sister introduced me to her new job, which was being a general/personal virtual assistant to a broker in London Ontario. They decided that they wanted a new assistant VA and I was at that time not yet working, so my sister trained me and fast-forward I worked with them until April of 2020. My role evolved from being an assistant VA to handling/managing my own shift with 1 VA directly under me. I was able to master the major responsibilities of a Shift Manager/Office Administrator. It was a completely opposite experience from my work in Taiwan, but the character that I developed during my years there was my foundation for becoming a result-driven VA. I started with them in the time that the brokerage only had 4 agents and was able to help the company grow, now it houses 23 licensed agents and 4 ISA’s and 4 VAs.

If I’m not at work, I love going to the small piggery that we slowly built together with my husband and my sister. I also love spending quality time as with my mum.

For a copy of Jinky’s resume please click here.