Jisselle Ann S. Dilag – CSR and Administrative Assistant

jisselle-dilage-formal“Dominant, influential, intelligent, competitive, detail-oriented person”, they say… I’m Jisselle. Get to know more about me by reading my story.

Two years ago, I graduated Cum Laude with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. Believe me, I didn’t like my course before but when I started to put my heart into that academe, I hit a home run! I have unleashed my hidden potential. I started to collect awards in public speaking, practical examinations in office procedures, research presentations, student governance, and other academic participations related to my course. Also, I have become a Youth Leader and was able to meet and talk to different kinds of personalities and have seen lives were changed through the teaching and admonition of the Word of God. I have spearheaded the whole administration of 8 Youth Camps gathering hundreds of young people in our area.

After graduation, having obtained my Degree with flying colors, I was overwhelmed with the expectations of the people who knew me very well and were looking up to me. I battled between my calling of being a Youth Leader that would reach out to the neglected and wandering, and the calling of man as I was known to be a well-rounded Degree-holder.

jisselle-dilag-photoshootI paid no attention to acquiring a job aligned with my profession. Instead, I worked online as an ESL Tutor for the purpose of having time and financial freedom. I didn’t know I would become one of the highly esteemed Top Tutors in our company. I enjoyed helping people to learn and learning from different cultures and dispositions as well. I’ve never been that kind of flexible, innovative, and interactive before. In that platform, I have mastered the usage of tricky computer applications’ commands and shortcuts for my almost two years of work. All at the same time, I was a Teacher of English; a Mother for being so patient and understanding; a Friend for being the most interesting person to converse with; an IT Expert for doing multiple computer tasks; a QA for always assessing my performance and seeking for improvements; a Vlogger for having my classes recorded and sent to the different tutors for reference; and a Customer Service Representative for troubleshooting and mending my own computer issues. So funny, but I have learned a lot from that experience!

Currently, I ventured into two challenging careers in Sales: one as a Financial Consultant in the leading Insurance Company in Asia – gathering leads, setting appointments, doing sales presentations, and closing sales; and the other as a Real Estate Consultant in a most awarded Brokerage in our country – doing social marketing, assisting clients’ inquiries, doing market evaluation and closing a deal! My job is not to sell a product but to help my clients make wise decisions for investments. I love helping people achieve their dreams in the future!

I know I’m very young for these careers, just 21 years old to be exact! But from a girl who knew a little, I bloomed into a woman who strives for excellence and would always make room for improvements.

Looking at myself now, I could say God’s plans are always the best for me! Thus, to the Almighty, who enables me to achieve all this, be all the glory, honour, and praises!

For a copy of Jisselle’s resume please click here.