Time zone: Work hours will be conducted based on Australian Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane)

About the Position: Our company specialises in systemising, outsourcing & scaling small to medium size businesses. These businesses are referred to as our “clients”. Your role as a (V.O.M) with our company will be to work on tasks our clients outline, to support their business. Our clients are growing businesses, and your work is a key element to their growth.

Purpose of Position: This position is to provide administrative, quoting and organisational support to our clients to uphold their obligations, commitments, and deadlines and to ultimately support the client to achieve its key objectives.

Description of duties:

  • Construction of QUOTES for clients usually from an Email (Minimum)
    1. Email
    2. Checklist
    3. Precedence
    4. Website
    5. CRM
    6. Microsoft TEAMS Platform
  • strong communication with office staff  via
    1. TEAMS
    2. Email
    3. Text
    4. Website
    5. CRM
    6. Rarely via Phone/Word of Mouth
  • Preparation of daily, weekly and monthly reports
    1. WIP
    2. Staff Productivity Reports
    3. P&L
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Gantt Chart
    6. Client Surveys
    7. Other measurement tools as Ad Hoc situations arise
  • Creation of QUOTES, to JOBS and building TASKS within Xero Work Flow Max (WFM)
    1. TASKS must be (Managed from start to finish)
      1. Monitored
      2. Time lined via Microsoft Calendar
      3. Balanced with Invoice
      4. Closed
      5. Recurred / Reset for next task.
  • Compliance management
    1. CPA Points
    2. Annual Reviews (ATO, ASIC)
    3. Regular Returns (BAS, IAS, ITR, CTR TRT)
    4. Subscription Fees paid/reimbursed by Clients
  • Data entry
  • Maintaining a clear knowledge of both our company and the client structure and future direction
  • Diary management (Microsoft Calendar Office 365 – Current)
  • Basic social media management (Survey Monkey, Mail Chimp, Website, Facebook)
  • Direct communication (not Telephone) with internal staff to ensure deadlines are achieved
  • Assist with budgeting and financial reporting
  • Work on multiple projects at one time