Jobe Jan M. Sibolinao – Administrative Assistant

jobe-jan-siboliano-cafeHi. My name is Jobe Jan M. Sibolinao.

I am 32 years old, married with no kids. I am the kind of person who’s very energetic and positive about taking on new challenges that come my way. I love to go on road trips, hanging out at coffee shops and chitchat with my friends.

This year, after several months of being unemployed, I met new friends who are working as freelancers and they helped me and encouraged me to try it. After days of pouring over what to do, I finally decided to go for it because I realised that working at home is more convenient than traveling every day to an office and that this opportunity would give me a shot at the growth that I was hoping for with my career.

Honestly, this is my first time to apply as a Virtual Assistant. When I graduated with a degree in Nursing, I never jobe-jan-sibolinao-coffeethought that I would take the path that I am taking now. I guess you can never really predict where you’ll end up no matter how much planning you do.

A few years after graduating, I started working in an Aviation Company here in the Philippines. I was assigned as an Office Assistant, Public Assistant Officer, and FIDS/PABX Operator. I was trained on how to use a paging/public address system, answering telephone calls, the encoding of daily time record and also MS Office tools. I’ve been employed with the company since 2012 but I had to resign after 7 years because I felt that my career was stagnant and I was not growing as a person.

I know that my skills are not yet on par with those who have been freelancing for years but, If given the chance to be part of the team, I’ll make sure to be a very good asset to keep the company at an acceptable pace if not better. My years working for the aviation industry trained me to always ensure accuracy and quality in everything that I do. I can proudly say that I will carry over that same training to ensure excellence in my next venture.

Lastly, I am a very quick study and I am very particular to details. I will not over-promise with the skills that I currently have when it comes to being a Virtual Assistant but I am very willing to learn new tools and processes to ensure that I will be an effective and reliable part of any team. I am so excited to work for anyone who is looking to train a newbie like me, I know that it would be a risk but I will make sure to not let anyone down. I hope to hear from you very soon.

For a copy of Jobe’s resume please click here.