Joerivic Castaño – Administrative and Customer Service

joerivic-castano-vaHi! My name is Joerivic Castaño, 29 years old. You can also call me “Bing”, that’s my nickname 🙂

I live in Bacolod City, a small urbanised city located in the middle of the Philippines. We are a family of 6, and I’m the eldest of the four children. I am actually a nurse by profession, and although I have experience working abroad for 3 years but decided to return home in order to stay close to my family. Experiencing living alone abroad made me realise a lot of things. Money, for sure is important but nothing beats the time that you get to spend with your family at home. When I realised this, that’s when I decided to stay here in the Philippines for good. And with good faith, when I returned from Saudi Arabia, that was also the time that home-based businesses boomed in the Philippines, and I said to myself this is the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for: being able to spend quality time with my family and earning a fair amount of money at the same time.

We are not a well-off family. My parents are both sidewalk vendors but they never made us feel that we lacked anything, financially. They have provided us with everything we needed and wanted and now, it’s time to give back. I am an ambitious type of person. My ambitions and aspirations are not just for me, mainly it’s for my parents. They are not getting any younger and I want to give them the life that they deserve as long as they can enjoy it- this is my goal in life.

joerivic-castano-riding-mini-carLet’s move on to my professional life 🙂

In the year 2011, I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree. I passed the licensure exam the same year.

I started working in the BPO industry, where I was assigned to Customer Service, Technical and Sales Accounts. This is a known issue in the Philippines, people tend to hop from one company to another to find a better offer. With the company I’ve been with, I had the same problem. The pay was too low despite the high degree of stress. The salary you are getting in BPO companies is just enough for your individual expenses. That was when I decided to quit and pursue my career.

In 2015 I went to Saudi Arabia to work as a nurse. Once there I encountered a lot of challenges. I learned a lot and my experience there taught me to be more patient, dedicated and disciplined. Only God knows the struggle that I went through when I went abroad. But most importantly, it taught me the importance of being close to your family. At one point, someone in my family was in critical condition and I wanted to go home to be with that person for the last time but the organisation I worked for would not allow me to do so. That was when I concluded, I can’t be away from my family again and I started my freelancing career.

Come 2018, I came back to the Philippines. I worked as a Real Estate VA, my first ever home-based job. It was very challenging, but also fun and rewarding. That company taught me a lot of things. If you want to stay in this industry, you have to be reliable, committed, and flexible. This made me realise that I want to pursue this career. I’ve never been happier. I know that this is far different from being a nurse but it doesn’t matter anymore. Being close to my family and being able to spend more time with them is far more important 🙂

Overall, I enjoy working remotely. It enables me to really experience the true meaning of work-life balance.

What can I offer?

I am a hard-worker, dedicated, committed, a fast learning type of person that can do the job for you. I have excellent communication skills and I am a partner you can entrust to help build your company all the way to the top 🙂


  • Customer Support Representative
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Sales Agent
  • Real Estate Agent (exp. with Appfolio, Zoho, Dotloop, Salesforce)
  • I’ve handled billing, maintenance issues, leases, and PMA’s

Thank you for reading my story. Hoping to work with you soon 🙂

For a copy of Joerivic’s resume please click here.