Johanne See – Copywriter

She picks herself up…

It was a month before her 18th birthday. It was a sunny afternoon at the terminal when a young lady sat on the bus, excited to go back to her hometown after the stressful summer classes. She longed to get some rest from the hustle and bustle of the big city and breathe some fresh air. She had passed all her subjects and she couldn’t wait to tell her family. She closed her eyes and imagined finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in 3.5 years instead of 4 – at the age of 19. Yay!

Apart from her most-awaited coming-of-age party, this college student’s head was in the clouds knowing that she would be graduating ahead of her peers. And she still had ample time to review for the pre-med exam which would make her eligible to proceed to the college of medicine and be a licensed physician. Her life was so planned out since her grade school days. She’s almost there, reaping the fruit of success.

Two hours later, the young dreamer arrived at her family’s shop and found her uncle waiting for her. After a long, serious talk, she couldn’t say another word. It turned out that their family business was on the brink of bankruptcy and her parents had a huge debt. They’re about to lose the house, the cars and the business.

With a heavy heart, she went home and saw her Mom, who informed her that her Dad was moving away. Her sister arrived later that day, preparing her papers for a job abroad. Suddenly, their world was turned upside down. Goodbye to the comfortable life she used to live.

Thanks to her Mom’s friend who loaned them some money, the now 19-year-old girl received her diploma, just as she had initially planned. But what next? Her family’s financial instability deprived her of pursuing her doctorate. She’s left with shattered dreams and without a Plan B. She had no one to talk to. She felt ashamed, lost and alone.

Rather than feeling sorry for herself, over and over again, she decided to take the risk and turn her life around – no matter how challenging it would be. After a dozen job interviews, she finally joined the working class. She came to realise that she has a great interest in the written word and bravely gave it a shot.

Years later, that once broken soul found her new passion – becoming a writer. She was able to leave that emotionally-charged past and face the future with high hopes. She married the man of her dreams. And while she might not be where she wanted to be, one thing is for sure: She’s on her way up!

By the way, that woman is me. Hi! I’m Johanne See.

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