Jona May Angelina D. Dela Cruz – Executive Assistant

jona-may-dela-cruz-profileHello 🙂

I’m the eldest. Being the oldest child in a family of eight, I was forced to get a four-year course in college instead of taking up medicine which was originally what I wanted that time. I tutored exchange students for basic French, Spanish, and English and I was a student assistant in our University’s Public Relations office. I graduated in time to enter my first job in a big financial institution in the business capital of the Philippines. I was a Fraud Risk Management Analyst in a far-from-home set-up. My life was about providing for my family. My vow was to see all of my brothers and sister graduate and have their dream professions in the future.

I had jobs after jobs including being an HR Analyst, Department Store Supervisor, and Executive Assistant. While providing for the family’s future, I tried to explore different industries to see where I fit the most. I gained a lot of relative experiences and life-changing realisations. I was altogether exposed to corporate and field works. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every post I had and I incorporated working with playing sports like Volleyball and Badminton.

jona-may-angelina-dela-cruz-dress-upIt was when I got married in 2016 that I needed to partially give up my “eldest-child responsibilities”. Two of my siblings were then helping us with the financial stability of the family (one being a top employee for a banking institution, and the other one, a licensed Engineer). Next year, another two of my brothers are graduating – Tourism-related degree and the other, Architecture.

I’m very proud to say that even though I missed my opportunity to be a doctor, 5 of my siblings are getting their dream professions (our youngest is entering college and will take up Civil Engineering next year).

The most fulfilling part of every responsibility-encored child is looking back from what seems like an unending run and taking a glimpse of the traces he/she has gone through. Every obstacle is won by a driving force, a strong push, and a tap-on-the-back inspiration to move forward.

Now that I’m planning to grow my own family, I’m driven to do everything in my will and the Almighty’s to have a baby. It’s been me, married, and almost always 16 hours every day away from my own home to work on extended shifts and long hours commuting for three years… until a friend told me about Virtual Assistants. The spark can be seen in my eyes since then! I dream to be one. Unlike the old me running my race, I’m slowing down my pace now. I’ll look closer at the views as I pass by and breathe in the life I’ve missed while, this time, taking responsibility for my own success.

Thank you 🙂

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