Jonas Daniel D. Acorda – Customer Service Representative

jonas-daniel-acorda-profileHi! My name is Jonas Daniel Acorda.

I believe that customer service is providing excellent customer experience through good communication, understanding the root cause and setting rapport, mastering the product, providing quality resolutions, going the extra mile and offering additional assistance. These are the qualities I have gained through six years of training and working in the BPO industry. I have gathered knowledge and training in human resource, admin, data analysis, and workforce management. I have acquired these experiences by working my way up the ladder and I can say that I truly love this industry. I have established a good portfolio throughout the years.

But after years of working and having my own family, I realised that I needed to have a work-life balance. Traffic is worsening day-by-day. I spend 4 hours going to work and another 4 hours coming home. On top of that, I spend 9 hours work time and 1 hour overtime. That’s a minimum of 18 to 20 hours per day away from home. Everyday is always a challenge. My daughter is growing up, but I spend less and less time with her. My daily routine has always been waking up-traffic-work-traffic-sleep-repeat. My day becomes unproductive because of the amount of time wasted on the road. And jonas-daniel-acorda-bondingthat’s one thing I really hate, being unproductive!

I pushed myself to the limit thinking it would not take a toll on me. I tried to stretch my day so that I could do more. Coffee became my best friend and sleep became my worst enemy. I tried my best to be a good provider and a good family man by juggling work and family at the same time. But life is too short. One day, I was rushed to the hospital with severe hypertension due to lack of sleep and rest. After a week of rest, I began to recover and regained my strength.

That was a big wake up call for me and I decided to find a better and less-stressful job. Thankfully, one of my acquaintances introduced me to the world of online jobs. I am more than happy and willing to apply my years of experience, practice, skills, and good work ethics if given the right opportunity. I always treat my work as my art and that is why I always put my name on the line with each task.

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