Jonnalyn M. Balbontin – Administrative Assistant

jonnalyn-balbontin-profileI want to introduce myself – I am Jonnalyn Balbontin, but you can call me Jonna. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Nursing. I am happily married with one daughter.

I love nature. The sea, mountain, river and trees – they give me a sense of comfort. I hate being in a crowded area. One of the reasons why I really want to get hired as a virtual assistant is to avoid the hassle of working in an office with too many poeple.

I am an experienced Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Clerk and Document Controller working at an Executive Company for about 6 years. I enjoyed doing admin tasks like scheduling appointments, planning, executing, monitoring and other clerical jobs.

I always make sure to finish my work ahead of time to avoid backlogs. I am very organised and detail-oriented to the point that other people think of me as someone with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

My first work experience was as a Project Nurse. I was responsible for giving first aid, health monitoring, health jonnalyn-balbontin-bondingeducation, doing daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports and organising big events like the Christmas party, team building and thanksgiving party. After some time, I was assigned as a document controller / clerk on top of being a project nurse.

After two years, I was hired as an Administrative Assistant to an Engineering Director. A year later, I was promoted to Secretary to the Chief Operating Officer. I was tasked to do his presentations, monitor his work transactions, manage his calendar, follow up meetings, book his flights (personal and business), etc.

All these work experiences are my asset to becoming a good virtual assistant. I can work without supervision. With my expertise in administrative work, I want to help you with your daily tasks and help lessen your stress and burden.

I work with integrity, accountability, responsibility, and I always ensure high quality costumer service.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

For a copy of Jonnalyn’s resume please click here.