Jorgenson Garcia Tomas – Ecommerce, Sales Administrator

jorgenson-garcia-tomas-profileI have more than 10 years of experience working in different BPO companies. I believe that everything I can do for my company will benefit my career as well. It is not how small or big the company is, the success and goals depend on how I will sustain my own knowledge and skills because the progress of the company is my progress.

Through the years, I have learned to become more professional, how to handle different issues, adjusting to environment and most of all, dealing with different kinds of people, foreign and local.

My most challenging experience is being a Virtual Assistant and working homebased. First, I find it not reasonable and not suitable for me because of the lack of benefits and a not so white-collar job. But when I was given a chance, I found it more practical, convenient and even safer. It may not have full benefits at first but the benefit to work from your own home and have more time to be with your family is quite priceless. My safety also convinced me to push through a homebased career because there is no need to travel.

Also, I have learned a lot of applications and platforms that helped me grow professionally. Besides that, I am able to apply all my knowledge from my previous jobs, like Microsoft Office, Databases, Salesforce, CRM, etc.. Homebased work allows me to learn new applications and platforms specifically for online jobs like Amazon, Zendesk, Calendar, Google platforms, etc.

Nowadays, online work is becoming more and more practical. I make sure that my work or the information I am providing is detailed, with the right pacing and precision. I believe in ethics in every bit of work for it will reflect on my personality.

Lastly, I love reading, studying and exploring things that will upgrade my knowledge and skills. I did a self study on Spanish language and a formal study on Japanese language as my current achievements.

During my spare time, I love to do outdoor sports like swimming, boxing, working out or getting together with my friends and I never stop pursuing to try a lot of things that I never done yet.

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