Joseph Rudyard Alcachupas – Bookkeeper

Hello 🙂 My name is Joseph Rudyard.

I graduated in 2007 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I’ve been happily married for eleven years to the love of my life and we are blessed with three God fearing, enthusiastic and talented kids.

I am a huge fan of FC Barcelona and have loved football ever since I was a little kid. Never will I miss sharing my insights after every game!

I started working as a Data Entry Analyst, processing claims from class action lawsuits. We entered all the data into our system, coming from a signed form by the claimants for analysis. Then eventually, I was assigned to lead a team with added tasks like reporting and coming up with the method to process more claims with the least amount of time spent. Fortunately, for over two years we consistently achieved our team quota and handled each case promptly.

Being noticed by the Operations Manager, through my hard work and dedication towards every task, I was transferred and promoted as one of the Accounts Receivable Team Members. Since I was new to the position, with the trust that has given to me I was able to fulfill their expectations.

I had a full workload with accounting tasks like creating monthly invoices and sending it to clients, posting payments from clients, creating credit memo’s, following-up on overdue invoices, assisting with inquiries and questions about the invoices I issued. After a few years, my client added more tasks and responsibilities like All Accounts Bank Reconciliations, Intercompany Allocations, Credit Card expenses entry, and I assisted the company comptroller with other Accounting tasks.

After almost a decade of working with the same company, they starting downsizing due to some financial problems. They offered me a part-time job or an early retirement program. Because I still wanted to learn more and enhance my skills and knowledge in Accounting, I decided to take the part time job.

Eventually, I got a Bookkeeping job with another outsourcing company (Australian clients). Though the pay was nowhere near my previous job, I accepted the offer to learn more about the line of work I am following. At first they gave me three clients with lesser responsibilities, just to allow me to become familiar with Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB, and then they added two more with larger roles. I handled the Accounts Payables and Payroll mainly for 8 franchise shops with 5-10 employees in each shop. I took care of weekly Payroll and payables (from generating payables reports to transfer payments to our suppliers). I struggled at first because of the amount of clients I handled, and had challenges absorbing all the new knowledge I acquired. But I’m proud to say I still managed to organise all the tasks and everything ran smoothly.

After eight months of managing my work schedule with my full-time and part-time jobs all together, I was blessed receive an offer from another outsourcing company (Australian client) which offered an even higher compensation package. For this reason I decided to give up my part-time job. I handled Accounts Payable and Payroll for 15 medical clinics and applied some of the methods I used with my previous clients. Unfortunately, after 3 months with my new employer, they filed for bankruptcy and I was not able to showcase my potential to my client, but I did successfully organise their Accounts.

Learning new things has always been a great motivator for me. While I have been waiting to land my first full-time home-based job, I have been learning video editing and hoping that someday I will be able to add this skill to the services I offer my clients.

For a copy of Joseph’s resume please click here.