Joy Tambalque Aldover – Administrative Assistant

joy-aldover-profileI am Joy Tambalque Aldover, a proud mother to my child and proud wife to my husband. I am a degree holder of Bachelor of Industrial Technology. After graduating in 2014, I decided to take Professional Education Units believing that I could get my license and be called a Professional Teacher.

I worked as Admin Assistant at Elsol Electronics Devices back in 2011. I wasn’t a college degree holder yet at that time, but I finished a vocational course in Computer Technology. My job makes me explore things that make me a better individual. It challenges me all the time. Working in that company wasn’t easy since I was the youngest of them all.

After one year of working with them, I decided to find another job. I was hired as Quality Assurance inspector, a job that also helped me a lot. Doing different tasks that utilise my knowledge and capabilities. It molded me and gave me enough knowledge that I can use in my future endeavours. After six months with them, I decided to resign and pursue my course and study again.

My life changed and I have focused into doing the things that would make me a good and professional individual. Two years after I pursued my studies I finished my degree. This helped me develop my self esteem in engaging different kinds of jobs. I had my internship for a year at Hitachi Cable Phils. as an Engineering staff member. I do sampling, inventory, preparing checklists and a lot more. I was also hired as Product Auditor in a food Company.

I got married and got pregnant in 2017. I decided to stay at home and look for a home based job, particularly as a Virtual Assistant. I attended different trainings online. But my life became difficult when I gave birth. I was in a life and death situation. After I gave birth, I decided not to go back to work and focus on my life as a mum and wife. But still, I wanted to explore freelancing.

I don’t have clients at the moment, but I’m hoping to find one that I can work with for a long time. I am willing to share my knowledge and capabilities for the success of their business. I am willing to learn and adapt new things.

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