Juhanna M. Sy – Administrative Assistant

juhanna-sy-vacationHi there, my name is Juhanna M. Sy from Cebu and most of my friends call me Juh or “insik” since I am of Chinese descent. I am the second child of the family and I have one older brother.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Computer Science.  At 21, I started working in a Car Surplus company as an Assistant Purchaser. However, the salary was low, that is why a friend of mine recommended a job as the College Secretary of one of the international schools in Cebu. Still, my salary wasn’t enough for our daily needs.

I went abroad to Dubai to apply for work. Looking for a job was difficult, but luckily I found one. Life was hard back then since I was the only one supporting my family and my parents got sick more often, and work wasn’t that easy.

But I took it as a challenge; as a chance to grow and learn. I didn’t lose hope and continued to pray, and I needed to stay strong juhanna-sy-officebecause my family depended on me. After 5 and half years working in Dubai, I moved to Doha working in the same field. The past wasn’t easy; I work hard and always make sure I finish my tasks. I have worked for 10 hours (overload) every day under pressure without overtime – it’s been a toxic place for me, but I need to do it because I have a family to feed.

Then I came to the point – I said to myself that I’ve had enough. I did not want to kill myself working crazy, getting all things done before leaving. I can do anything, but yet I can’t do everything.

I lost a good part of my life working hard over the years. I left my job with no funds, but God is good every day. I met my fiancé early this year and now here I am in Australia living a happy life with him.

Thank you for reading my story.

For a copy of Juhanna’s resume please click here.