Julie Ivy Dela Torre Bravo – Customer Service Representative

julie-ivy-bravo-profileGood day!

I’m Julie Ivy D. Bravo. Twenty-seven years old and a mother of two. I’m the youngest of four, and my parents are both retirees.

I honestly don’t know how to start telling my story. But here you go. 🙂

I got pregnant and gave birth to a lovely little girl at a very young age in September 2009, and I was still 17. (Too early, right?). But you know what? That made me more mature and eager.

I started looking for jobs at the age of 18. As an Undergraduate with no experience, I tried applying to different BPO companies. Interviews, assessments, call simulations – all failed. From one company to the other, still I failed. I applied to around five companies in a day. But I did not stop. Instead, I became more hungry to be hired. And I told myself that each failed application would let me experience different types of application processes, and it will help me practice and become better. And it did! In February 2011, I got my first job.

julie-ivy-bravo-swimmingJune of the same year, I decided to go back to school to finish my studies. And with the help of my family, I was able to finish my degree in March 2015.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication. With no Latin honours or any awards… my best award and trophy is my daughter.

After graduation, I left Cebu to look for greener pastures.

My Manila experience was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I started applying to different companies and jobs that are related to my degree, but still, I failed.
And I told myself that I needed get a job ASAP so that I could send money back to my daughter.

And so I went back to the field where I started… BPO. I worked with a company as a Customer Service Specialist. After a month of training and taking in calls, I was allowed to apply as a Subject Matter Expert. At first, I hesitated. I had only taken calls for one month. Other applicants for the position were from wave 1-3. I was from stream 10. I thought about the job description, and my ambition to grow made me apply for the job. Exam, done.

During the interview I was asked by our manager what I could contribute as an SME. I told them honestly that I may not be as tenured as others, but I know I can help, and I can stand out. I suggested communication skills refreshers to our CSRs as it was the area of opportunity at that time. And our manager told me I failed the exam. But because of the interview and my suggestions, they gave me a chance to retake the exam. And so I got the post. 🙂

I spent a month as an SME, doing floor support, and coaching to representatives. Then another opportunity came in. From the same company, I was one of the chosen few to apply as a Junior Trainer. This time, I did not hesitate to take this huge step forward. I prepared, and I got the post. I became a Junior Trainer, and it gave me new skills in doing administrative tasks, conducting training, doing call listening, and providing coaching to my supported team. I even got to manage new hires during their on-the-job training. And it was an excellent experience for me! It helped me grow professionally and personally at the same time. Unfortunately, our management team was replaced. Junior trainers were put back on phones; some were set back as SME. I was one of them, and it made me decide to look for a better place to be.

I transferred to a different BPO company and became a Subject Matter Expert (again 😁) after a year — same job description. I handled teams, did floor support, admin tasks, coaching, and took escalation calls. And I love what I did. Before becoming an SME, I was our account’s top Agent for three consecutive quarters. And I am very proud of what I have achieved. I go the extra mile from what is expected of me.

But I guess if something is not meant for you, it will be replaced by something that is intended to be. I got pregnant in 2018. My boyfriend and I decided to settle in Cebu for good. I was advised by my doctor to take a rest from work as my pregnancy was a bit risky. And so I resigned and went back to Cebu where I left my first child with my parents. I stayed at home, on bed rest as advised.

Come July 2018; I lost my unborn child. We found out through an ultrasound that he/she no longer had a heartbeat. 🙁 That was tragic. Not just for me but our whole family. And as I’ve said from my previous paragraph, if something is not meant for you, it will be replaced by something that is intended to be. October 2018, I got a new job as a Customer Service Specialist 4 in a Financial Service company. I worked with them for four months, and I had to leave because I got pregnant again. This pregnancy was also risky, so I had to stay at home until I gave birth.

My risky pregnancy journey did not stop. I gave birth to my baby prematurely, and he spent 28 days at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Fast forward, he is now healthy and beautiful as can be.

After giving birth, my partner and I decided to work from home. He is a Virtual Assistant, and I am a researcher/writer. I do research and write paperwork for my client. My job was just project-based; that’s why I am looking for another opportunity now. I have a great feeling that working with you is meant for me. If not, I will make it meant to be!

Hooh! That was long. 🙂 But that’s all for now. 😉

For a copy of Julie’s resume please click here.