Katrina Ann T. Aclan – ESL Tutor

katrina-ann-aclan-profileMy name is Katrina. My world revolves around my two children. I am a solo mum and that to me is a superpower.

I had been a single mother since 2009. At first, I will admit that it was so tough, I even felt that it seemed impossible. Juggling work, house chores, caring for my two kids and life altogether was so difficult that there were really times I felt like giving up. I was always financially and physically drained. I was left with all the responsibilities without preparation and no consideration for my postpartum condition. I sensed depression was about to hit me, yet I kept pushing myself saying I have no choice because I have two little kiddos who are depending their lives on me. I battled with life and how unfair it was; not getting any support from anyone else but myself. It was very strenuous, yet to my surprise, I survived! Despite all the hurdles, I knew that there was nothing I could not overcome.

Single-parenting has made me the toughest version of myself. It opened my eyes to the reality that I can never depend on anyone but myself. I have learned to become most reliable on myself and my children. I am proud to say that I have become a very strong person out of my unfortunate circumstances, and I am still very indebted to fate for what and where I am today.

katrina-ann-aclan-familyIt’s been ten years of being a solo mum, and my children have fully adjusted to our routine and lifestyle. They are fully aware of how difficult it can be for me to raise them all on my own, so they assist me in any possible manner they can. I can hardly imagine how these two youngsters cope. I am forever grateful to have been blessed with children who are considerate and loving.

Our life now is so much easier compared to ten years ago. We have established our daily routine that resulted in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. My kids help me so much with the house chores and they even make sure I get enough time for self-care like allowing me to go out with my friends or do my hobbies.

All I ask from them is to do well in everything they do, whether it be school or their interests. I support them in every way, as they support me. Surprisingly, I am still able to have time for my own interests because my children are very understanding. I am able to enjoy my hobbies like mountain biking; I bike uphill for an hour on weekdays. I go on mountain bike trails on some weekends with my bike buddies. Thrice a week, I train jiujitsu and my kids sometimes watch me in the dojo. I am also a volunteer storyteller in our city’s public library; I story-tell to children aged two to twelve on some Saturdays and I let my children join me. My kids even enjoy making the props for my stories or they act as the cast when my story requires role-playing.

In return, I support them wholeheartedly with their hobbies too. My son is a soccer varsity player for their school and is also a soccer player for the city’s team. I am at every game even if most are out of town and require long hours of driving. My daughter is a Taekwondo blue-belter and joins tournaments too, she has had several gold medals from inter-school-competitions since she was just five years old. My son joined her in Taekwondo just this year. They both play tennis on some Sundays. And at home, they enjoy doing arts and crafts and playing the guitar together as they sing along to their favourite tunes.

My daughter enjoys cooking and baking, and I support her with this hobby because she mostly prepares our meals. She wants to be a chef one day. My son assists his older sister in the kitchen by washing the used utensils, pots or pans. They’re such a team in the kitchen. All I do is wait to be served. My children ensure that I get all the help they can give me. They give me night massages or breakfast in bed and sometimes they do the house chores as a surprise for me because they know how hard I am working for them.

I have been working since 2006. I have had various job exposures from administration, to recruitment, to customer service, then technical support and even home-based jobs. I have had multiple years of working for the BPO industry where I had accounts that catered to clientele from all over the globe. I have a neutral English accent that makes it easy for me to be clearly understood by people from the different continents of the world.

I am teaching English online too, which constantly helps me review the English language. I am trained with answering emails, replying to chat messages and taking calls. I currently do part-time ESL teaching to Japanese students or other fellow-Asian English learners from home. I’ve also had experience working as a Virtual Assistant.

I look forward to working for you. I have the skills, talent and reliability to let you take care of the more important things in your life while I help you with your business.

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