Kevin Constantine N. Iloreta – IT Administrator

kevin iloreta profile“It is not our abilities that show who we truly are but by the choice that we make.”
– Albus Dumbledore.

This quote really summed up my life’s journey. An ordinary guy from the Philippines dreamed of having a stable line of work wherein he can help to sustain the needs of his family – mother and three siblings, and to escape the bitterness of life’s hardships. This is me.

I came from a financially mediocre family where I sometimes got what I wanted and a lot of time wouldn’t get any. My mum was the only bread winner in our family, striving to make our lives better. She has never neglected putting food on our table, clothing and shelter. I am a witness of our family’s hardships. I strived to finish my college degree as soon as possible so I could begin to pay back and help support my family. I successfully finished Bachelor Science in Information Technology.

The first day after my graduation, $10 was all I had left in my pocket – which was an extra allowance during my school days. I opted not to ask for any more money from my mum, and from that moment my real life began. I started job hunting, using that little money I had left to cover expenses of my transportation, getting requirements, printing important documents, etc.
And I never stopped until I landed my first job.

kevin iloreta CasualComputer and Arts Teacher: I taught students of different nationalities which honed my skills in conversing with people in English. I can say that while my English isn’t top notch, rest assured we could communicate and understand each other very well.

A year after that, I resigned (personal choice) trying to level up my job profession, and I landed work as a Manager of a food and beverage company. I can say that I really loved this work experience where I was the leader of the team. I managed everything from the operations, sales and inventory, and even marketing (which of course gave me an edge due to the degree that I graduated in). Everything was working well, except I didn’t achieve a good work-life balance. I struggled a lot, trying to cope with my family responsibilities and relationships.

This imbalance influenced my decision to resign. I dreamed of having a job that allows me to help my family, and gain a good work-life balance. This dream led me to become a freelancer.

Apart from my knowledge in computers, I combined my expertise in arts and music. I made my music a source of income. I am a singer, song-writer, and music producer. I produced music for my fellow artists which they would pay me for, and I also sing at gigs and special events which gave me money to cater for my family’s needs.

I am also a social media influencer which is an edge for me in marketing as I’ve been marketing myself and my services to people all of my life. I am a vocal coach at the same time (home-based). Students enroll in classes and we run the classes at home in my music studio.

These choices made me who I am today. I still strive to be the best, having this dream to have a stable job that will benefit me and my family and at the same time give to the company. This will hone me to be a better individual. With the skill sets outlined in my resume plus my determination from my life experiences, I am 100% certain that I won’t let you down! I am the go to guy! I may not know everything, but I have the choice to learn! I may not have every single ability, but it’s my choice to equip myself with as many skills as I can! Please check out my full resume to learn more about me. 😀

For a copy of Kevin’s resume please click here.