Krisilda Kiamco Durano – CSR and E-commerce

krisilda-durano-profileMy name is Krisilda Kiamco, 28 years old from Cebu City. I am a single mum to a 7-year old boy. My work experience started as a part-time ESL teacher when I was 18.

I had my first full-time job in a BPO company (office-based) doing a graveyard shift for 3 years. I was performing chat, emails, and calls for a Comcast account, troubleshooting phone, internet, and cable TV service.

When I got pregnant, I transferred to an Australian-based web hosting company – Crazy Domains because I needed to work on dayshift. I started with them as customer service representative for their Social Media platform.

After a year, I was laterally transferred to their marketing team. I handled Crazy Domains SG and the parent company’s social media account, Dreamscape Networks.

When handling Social Media accounts, here is what I’ve learned throughout my career:

  • Plan out everything in advance to give ample time for revisions and additional inputs
  • Prepare a social media calendar to know what to post for the month
  • Design creatives and text descriptions ahead of time to have it approved before deadline
  • Use the client’s brand guidelines. If the client doesn’t have one, you can discuss with your client if you can make one for them. This is also helpful if ever there will be a new VA assigned for the work to follow the same branding guidelines for the designs and creatives.
  • Inform clients about the onboarding process, ask for necessary log in credentials of Social Media accounts, business Facebook, and scheduling tools
  • Always prepare weekly reports from the Social media insights to track progress
  • Weekly meeting with clients to set new marketing goals and feedback.

In doing Email Marketing, here’s what I’ve learned from previous experience:

  • Joining competitor’s newsletters to know what they are sending outkrisilda-durano-art
  • Doing keyword research related to the niche
  • Use Google Trends to start campaigns at earliest possible time
  • Create banners and content ahead of time
  • Use A/B testing to know what works best
  • Use catchy subject lines

There are still a lot of things I can offer, I can do video editing and graphics design. I am willing to learn and unlearn and be a better professional in this career. To be part of a team who can provide me with more experience.

The things I am still learning are anything related to Google. I also want to gain more knowledge about SEO, and make myself certified in Google and Facebook blueprint.

My personal goal is to be 1% BETTER EVERY DAY.

For a copy of Krisilda’s resume please click here.