Krista Caguite – Accountant

Krista-Rea-Tasha-Caguite-vaHello there! I am Tasha. I am a person who believes that she is destined for greatness and wants to share it with the world. A resilient woman that chooses to move forward in every hardship she faces. I love to discover, explore and do sort of new things to boost my passion and purpose in life.

People around me say that being an accountant will lead me to great opportunities thus guiding me to graduate and receive my diploma in B.S. Management Accounting. I continued to study for another year and a semester and that helped me to obtain my degree in B.S. Accountancy.

My first job was in a shipping company where I worked under the accounting department since I am an accountancy graduate, but I do believe that some of the tasks can be considered as under the office and administrative department.

I managed to learn a lot of new things every now and then and do things as quickly as possible. I started as a cash disbursement officer, handling accounts such as receivables, payables, and petty cash to payroll and taxes then eventually handled Financial Statement Balance Sheets.

In that company, they trusted me with more or another bigger responsibility with the passing of time. Through the years, I didn’t only gain their trust but I also gained a lot of personal development. My skills in dealing with different people and handling different situations progressed and that I can say empowered me to go bigger in life. My passion only proves that it is on fire.

Krista-Rea-Tasha-Caguite-vaAt one point in my life, I decided to work abroad and take my chance as a door opened up for me. Being in a foreign country pushed me to work harder than before (considering I am already and always working hard whenever I work), this time, I got into a food and beverages company. I do believe in the saying that patience is a virtue, with a deeper sense I have it with me every day. My tasks cover mostly inventories and costs. Having good communication skills is a way to work peacefully and continuously. While I was in a foreign land, I experienced a lot of self-reflection and also discovered some of my purposes in life.

That was probably the highlight of my previous work experience.

To introduce myself in another way, I am an accountant but also love a lot of other things especially those which involve arts or creative activities. Since I am also into exploration and discoveries, I have decided to venture out as a virtual assistant. I want to be that virtual assistant with a heart. People work remotely and I want to give my clients the warmth they need operating their businesses. Also, I will let them know how whole-hearted I am when I do my tasks.

I already received my certification as a VA, but I don’t want to stop right there. I keep on training and do a lot of research. I go on nurturing my skills in project management, social media management, and graphic design, these niches are the ones I am fairly comfortable working about right now. I am enjoying this journey because I love the fact that learning is constant.

I hope as a newbie you will acknowledge my presence and give me that chance to help you in running your businesses. I do have the character and the grit to be your next spectacular VA. If you have me, together we will reach our goals.

For a copy of Krista’s resume please click here.