Kristel Dianne Arce – Executive Assistant

kristel-dianne-arce-virtual-assistantHi, I’m Kristel.

As the eldest among my siblings, I am obligated to set a good example to my little brothers and sister… but as life would have it, things don’t always go as expected! And it certainly didn’t go the way my parents expected for me! And now, I am a mother of three with more responsibilities and obligations on my plate. I’ve had to stand on my own to give them everything, like what my parents did for me.

I started young professionally when I was in college. I helped my fellow co-students who were struggling to cope with the subject matter. And post college, I took on some online jobs which helped me move further forward.

I have had a lot of rejections in my past, but I don’t regret them because they show you that you can get back up on your feet again. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I truly believe that.

When I had the opportunity to land a job in an office, I jumped at it. I started as a Customer Service Representative, and my confidence with talking to people grew. I learned how to ask questions appropriately to determine their needs, and after sometime was promoted to a sales representative role. Knowing the needs of the clients is of course, a good thing – but giving extra credit would make them feel even more appreciated as a customer.

Now, I am pursuing my career online and home-based so I can be near my family. I want to gain experience as a virtual assistant, and I like the challenge of making myself indispensable to an organisation. I am the kind of person who likes to figure things out on my own – but isn’t afraid to ask if I am not so sure of the task being assigned to me. I am also someone who likes to learn, and I think the tasks being assigned to a virtual assistant are a bit different to what I have been doing in the past – so it will be something new to learn.

Thank you for reading my story. 🙂

For a copy of Kristel’s resume please click here.