Lea Romano – Accountant

lea-romano-profileLea Garcia–Romano, CPA
Xero Certified / QuickBooks Online Proadviser / CPA / Bookkeeper

I am a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines, with 6 years of experience in Accounting related work. I decided to practice my profession virtually by serving Australian and US clients using Xero and Quickbooks Online as the main Accounting software in which I am both certified.

The tasks I have performed before were bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, set-up payroll and employees in Xero, enter sales and purchase invoice, Business Activity and Instalment Activity Statements (BAS & IAS) preparation, and some admin work such as email management. Though I consider my level of skills for now as between junior and intermediate Accountant, I believe that I am disciplined enough to be trained and I will continue to learn until I reach the senior level where I can be a manager of bookkeepers and provide advice to clients.

For me relationships are very important. I love to build good relationships with the people I work with. I am friendly, very honest, and serious in life but I joke most of the time and talk about things like anime and TV dramas. I do not burn bridges lea-romano-bondingbecause I do not like the feeling that I am not on good-terms with someone, so even if I am no longer connected to the firm or the client, I still keep in touch with them.

Giving value also is one of the principles I practice at work. I am happy if I can give more value to the work I do and my client is happy with my performance.

Enough of the advertisements – here is a short-story of my life…

My name is pronounced as “Leya” not “Lee”. Though I do not mind people mispronouncing my name, I would rather be called “Lei”.

My father was married twice and I have 3 older sisters with his deceased wife. The second wife which is my mum, had 6 children including me, being the 3rd eldest of the 6.

I was a high achiever in high school and participated in lots of activities. Though I met a teacher who influenced my life and changed my character from being jolly and liking to be with people to being emo and introverted. Despite this attitude in college I still managed to make friends (who are still my close friends today) – we call it “barkada” in the Philippines. Now, I am back to being talkative, sweet and friendly. Though I admit sometimes I want to be alone, especially when I’m doing some retail therapy at the mall!

I met my husband on Facebook while I was still in college. He is a welder overseas but his younger sister was my batch mate in high school and we came from the same school and the same barangay. I graduated in April of 2012 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I then took and passed the CPA board exam in October 2012.

Internal Auditor was my first job at a Department Store and I worked there for three years. When my boyfriend (my husband now) went home, he proposed marriage and with a teary eye, I accepted. When we went to ask my parents’ approval they said I still needed to support my younger siblings so the wedding was suspended. Luckily we found out that I was pregnant (I was 23 that time) – so wedding plans were still on the horizon. My husband needed to go back home at that time, so we got married when he returned 1 and a half years later. So I gave birth to a son at 24 and got married at 25.

Being a mother is the hardest but the most rewarding role that I have. I am successful at teaching my child to read as early as 3. You can check him out on YouTube in this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQzv8FLV_gk. I am also passionate about raising my child to be business minded. Now that he goes to school, he excels in his class thanks to my genes (lol), just kidding – it’s the result of learning to read at an early age, I believe.

My interests are listening or watching topics about financial literacy like money management, investing in stocks and real estate, and having your own business. I used to be an anime fanatic and I know how to draw characters and I used to create comics when I was younger. But now I haven’t practiced it for a long time. I also love to sing – especially Disney songs. They say I have a good voice and if my mother had taken me to singing contests when I was young, I might be a star now (lol).

Migrating to Australia is one of our plans – but I love Philippines, so let’s see what happens. I also dreamed of being rich so I can support charities and have my own scholars, and have more time to serve God by being in a choir or a lecturer. I haven’t travelled outside the country so the first country I want to go is Japan where my eldest half-sister is living.

Working from home really gave me a better opportunity to provide more for my family’s needs and spend more time with them. I would like to see myself working with a company for the long-term – at least 10 years and grow with them. I am excited to be part of your company, taking work seriously while having fun.

For a copy of Lea’s resume please click here.