Leon Alphonso Hunte – Recruitment & Administration

I was born in Guyana (the only English Speaking Country in South America) to a family of five siblings and I am the youngest. I grew up in the country side from very humble beginnings before moving to the city. I wrote elementary exams and gained a spot to attend the most prestigious high school in Guyana, the President’s College. I studied business management and graduated as the best male of the entire class of 2009.

I then moved into the International cruise line industry where my entire career was based on striving for nothing but absolute excellence, discipline and confidence.

You can consider me to be one of your next very best assets. Not only do I have 4+ years of experience in Operations and Administration, but I’ve traveled the world and visited 95 countries and 5 continents.

This amazing experience has allowed me to be very creative, innovative and cognisant of people’s needs and business needs from a wide variety of cultures and varying backgrounds. As such I always think outside of the box. I understand the importance of always putting your best efforts forward to ensure maximum output, effective productivity and increased profitability for my employer and by extent professional improvement for career.

leon-alphonso-vaI have been working as a Virtual Assistant in the areas of administration management, recruitment, payroll, accounting, marketing and sales training, logistics and travel arrangements management. I am super knowledgeable about computer based tasks and my employers always consider me as a guy with many hats as they say I never stick to one task and not be willing to learn other things. I’m always eager to assist as much as possible to the point where I need more than one email signature and title!

My guide is to always love what I do, once you love what you do, half of it is done. I never see myself as an employee doing a job. I always consider myself a potential shareholder or the next CEO so I always have the company’s best interest at heart as I have a sense of ownership.

I consider myself a very fast learner, super friendly, professional, funny and require little to no supervision. I’m reliable and can be called upon at any time of day to provide assistance and I will be beyond excited to assist as needed.

I enjoy being organised and attention to detail is my second nature.

When I’m not working, I’m either cooking or swimming. I am a fan of nature and beaches! My friends call me Smiley as I’m always smiling!

For a copy of Leon’s resume please click here.