Liane Margarette Yulo – Quality Assurance, Telemarketing and Data Conversion Specialist

liane-margarette-yulo-formalI hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and I am a Registered Philippine Nurse. After college, I worked in a BPO as a technical support representative. Six months later, I was promoted to a language coach. At that time, I enjoyed what I was doing and decided to put my Nursing career on hold. I worked for a total of six years with the said BPO and have worn many hats! To name a few, I became a QA analyst, a Product Specialist trainer, and a CSAT analyst!

I explored working from home in 2012. My first online job was that of an appointment setter. My client offered me a full-time position and I took his offer; and the rest is history! I now have twelve years of professional experience; 7 years working from home and loving it! I’m an experienced sales associate, appointment setter, VA, Transcriptionist, and my most recent was that of an HTML conversion specialist. I am flexible in a way that I can work either individually or as part of the team. I have much to offer in the way of diversity; having worked for several types of industries.

Some of the things I also love to do is to travel. Working from home has given me the opportunity to work and travel at the same time. Traveling gives me the chance to get to know people and learn a bit about their culture. It also gives me the challenge to be outside of my comfort zone. The best experience I’ve had was when my employer sent me to Denver, USA, to liane-margarette-yulo-vatrain. It was surreal and I really enjoyed my time there.

When I’m not traveling nor working, I like to hang out with friends and talk over coffee. We’d sit and talk for hours on end just talking about life and nonsensical things. I also love spending time with my siblings and I treat them like my own kids because of the huge age gap that we have. I have three siblings and they are still in school. My mum is widowed and so we both stand as guardians to my siblings. I’d say they are the bane of my existence yet they are also the reason I am excited to go to work each day.

I’d love to get to know you, too! I can assure you that I’m someone you can be proud to have on your team.

For a copy of Liane’s resume please click here.