Lorna D. Moran – CSR and Virtual Assistance

lorna-moran-profileAre you stressed? Are you missing bonding moments with your family and friends?

I have worn several hats throughout my journey.

My first job started in a commercial bank in Makati City. I was a Junior Processor, where I coordinated and took control measures with branch cashiers for dispatching. Then I was transferred to the ATM and Automation Department as a Customer Service Representative. There I handled ATM complaints, assisted branches with ATM loading, reconciliation, and any related discrepancies with Expressnet member banks.

Solving discrepancies and disputes are what I am good at – my strengths lie in listening and talking to people. Once I even received a Christmas card from a person whom I assisted! Another sent a letter of gratitude (for me) addressed directly to my Automation Department Head who is the Operations Vice President of the bank. I was floating on clouds, delighted that I had received such a commendation!

lorna-moran-vacationBut not all is glory…

I submitted a request for a transfer to our province – despite my two aunts and my Boss (Vice President of Operation) being against it. In a month, merging and pregnancy altogether, I was transferred from one branch to another – from New Accounts Clerk to a Teller. Clouds were on the horizon, as I was declared as a redundant employee after I gave birth.

Changing hats was so normal.

From non-life insurance agent to cashier for a Lending institution, I worked hard until physical fatigue brought me back to being a full-time single mum and I managed family owned apartments. To meet the needs, I became the man of trades (though still dressed as a woman), used a hammer and nails, painted walls, bought construction materials, as well as planned and supervised carpenters and masons. I handled tax and permit related concerns, and scheduled unit viewings.

Kids are growing fast.

Knowing I am friendly and good at typing, I applied at and was hired in a BPO. I was a Reliever (back up) to other employees to begin with. I was the first to be trained to do similar tasks in different accounts in a year. I grabbed a big bucket for positivity and focus on details. I hired a house companion to take care of my kids in the evening (being sick is a big no-no), clean and organise. I did not complain (just shed a tear or two). I told myself not to be intimidated and not to be afraid of computers. I learned new skills in MS Office – Word, Excel, Outlook/Thunderbirds and Translogic.

At the Australian logistics company where I served for almost 4 years, I experienced working with different supervisors (one at a time) and in different areas including GPS monitoring to pallets entry and reconciliation, bookings, workshop and random audit, using 2iC Cloud, Translogic, Fleet Manager, Dropbox, and Zoho. I added more to my bucket of skills: more focus, daily communication in an efficient manner, more patience, willingness to get the job done right in a short period of time, and became the Reliever of all the 9 members of the team – Mummy Lorns, the Jack-of-All-Trades!

It shows nothing can hinder me from learning. With guidance and trust from management and my clients, tasks were executed smoothly in the ways they wanted it to be.

Resigning made me feel empty. 🙁 Little did I know that what I had been doing in a BPO is the same as a job for a Virtual Assistant. Instead of trying to find a job in the city, I thought to browse the internet to find something that would allow me to make money from home, where I can spend more time with my sons.

I self-studied how to use Canva, PosterMyWall, and FB Marketplace. I manage remodeling the apartment into a Transient Home. I am an active member of a church choir and a community group. I have been interested in fruit bearing trees, aside from my passion for craft and dance.

What am I thinking now? That I will secure a client and have a great working relationship for years to come!

So, look no further, I am your perfect Virtual Assistant. 🙂

For a copy of Lorna’s resume please click here.